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Sorry for double post.

It just occured to me that i was hitting my cows with wheat which is maybe why they survived.

I had assumed wheat would despawn when i "fed it to them". If that isnt the case then I think maybe i was feeding them without knowing.
Vornne said:
The wheat sheaf is consumed from the ti_on_agent_hit_trigger, before the food value is added (if it fails, operations following will as well), so animals should never be fed unless the wheat is consumed. I suspect that the short wheat sheaf, the horse hitbox that doesn't match the animal meshes exactly, and client and server positions being slightly out of sync are factors causing you to miss hitting the animal.
Melvarius said:
So where do you stand on flax stockpiles, where people are too lazy to pull them out of the ground?
Your question is not clear: flax stockpiles don't exist, only ones for linen thread and cloth.

I don't know why people would be "too lazy" to pull flax and spin it into thread, since it requires no tools, little skill (labouring 1), and takes less time than other types of gathering or processing  (much less than some). It might be partly because word of mouth has given it a worse than deserved reputation, and that some makers of popular scenes have implemented it very badly.
Aldric said:
Flax economy is still very ill implemented anyway. Mappers should focus into making it easy to use with a decent reward/timespent ratio
I case people didn't read it before, the reward/time ratio for flax should be even better in the next release, which doubles the resources processed each time, so 1 flax bundle -> 2 linen thread, 1 linen thread -> 2 linen cloth; which gives more money and linen for the same effort without messing up resource prices to be much more valuable than the crafted items. I might be going too far with the flax process attractiveness, but it might need overcompensation to make people consider trying it again.
About the flax process attractiveness it heavily depends on the design of the map and the selling price of linen cloth/other items.

For example in the new version of Lowands running on EU_Union i harvested 6 fields of flax to fill an entire cart (horse cart). Then after the looong process  of spinning and weaving (which was kind of boring x) ) i sold all of the linen cloth for approximately 15k. It took me almost 30-45 min.

After that i took a hand cart, filled it with iron ore, sold it at the best place of the map and earned more than 30k in 20 min.

So no wonder peoples prefer iron to flax.

Doubling the resources processed each time will surely help the attractiveness, but ultimately i believe it only depends on the map's design.
More than those who went to the mine and got killed  :mrgreen:

But while i made the linen cloth i also created leather roll (with cow etc..) and meat so i can't say how much i got from linen work. But in total i had almost 25k thanks to those 2 jobs.
Prade said:
Then after the looong process  of spinning and weaving (which was kind of boring x)
Added up the gathering and processing times for making cloth is only 5 seconds, and even with a few more seconds added for handling, it is probably less than the fastest possible time to mine and sell iron (at a stockpile rather than export station, which is a lot longer). Mining iron is obviously more attractive when the access, abundance, transport times, and safety is about the same, but PW is not designed to have scenes and server rules making that happen.
Melvarius said:
I was only asking for whether not flax stockpiles would be included in the next release, even though it's easy to get.
No, I don't see the need: just yet another stockpile prop to place all over scenes, with no real purpose.
Anyone know how to save progress if the server restarts or crashes?

I know that in first page he said the progress doesn't save but, is there some "external" way to do it? Maybe with WSE?

It's not for a MMO server, is for a roleplay server...
luchots said:
Anyone know how to save progress if the server restarts or crashes?

I know that in first page he said the progress doesn't save but, is there some "external" way to do it? Maybe with WSE?

It's not for a MMO server, is for a roleplay server...

Not possible. As per design.
After almost 2 years since the first alpha release for version 4, it is time to change the release naming format in conjunction with the module system release: though there are only a few tweaks and bug fixes since 4_beta7, enough of the main originally planned ideas have been completed for it to have a 4.0 sticker slapped on. This does not mean that official development has finished - I still have plenty of ideas I would like to try - though the process will probably be more open, with smaller releases and fewer new features at a time, maybe more often (after I get some other things out of the way in the near future that really need to be done).

Passively heal very slowly, using more food for the same amount of healing than when resting in a bed.
Slowly consume food when gathering resources by hitting scene props; increase the damage penalty for lack of food; both proportional to hardness.
Set a brown heraldic background for armor worn by commoners and outlaws, instead of white.
Change processing linen thread from requiring 2 for 1 cloth to 1 producing 2 cloth.
Increase the crafting reward factor for the skill level required from 100 to 300; this increases the extra reward proportionally more for cheaper items.
Display both the crafting refund and possible extra reward in the item stats popup.
Increase the huntsman troop's crossbow proficiency.
Decrease hit points of the boar and boarlet.
Remove the invisible extra length of the repair hammer, since players can now crouch to build low objects.
Increase engineer skill required to craft a big mining pick.
Remove the skill requirement for crafting wheat sacks.
Allow crafting some leather boots and gloves with engineer skill.
Round average crafting skill for reward calculations up rather than down.
Reduce the default initial stockpile multiplier to 50%.
Fix agent modifiers not being reset when selling items.
Player requested banners and castle names.
Update terrain code for Basin of Ice.
The reduced damage to resource scene props when hungry being proportional to hardness means it affects mining more than wood cutting, gold mining especially. Mining with a full food bar remains at the same speed as before.
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