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LSP Kit MP Persistent Warband (Save System) - Made for PW (can be used for all mods)

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Persistent Warband (Save System)

What is this?
This is a script system which stores & saves data with the help of Apache.
Data is stored in .json files and read out of it. A PHP controller does manage all.
You do not need MySQL or anything. Just Apache. It can be used for all modules.
Currently it is based upon PW_4.5 but scripters/modders or people who are eager to learn can make powerful stuff out of it.

Apache & WSE. There is a WSE ready full prepared server in the archive.
For modders: You need common sense to use this system for your own modules / server-side scripts. It is easy to understand & powerful if you did.

Can I use this for other modules
Of course, look at the sources and you will see how it works.
You can easily modify & adjust it for other modules.

Is there an admin panel available?
Yes there is. Customers of Infravider get it for free on the services hosted by us.
If you want the admin panel hosted on your own, contact me: [email protected]
Admin Panel Preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zXDeY0SgaHM

Current Script Features
- Check Player Name & if account is banned
- Load gear on spawn
- Load agent data (position etc.)
- Save Player equipment
- Kill Player
- IP Banning
- Banking (Deposit / Withdraw)
- Ban a player permanently
- IG-Commands for admins and players (wse_chat_message_received): /help, /guid, /whoisadmin, /showguid, /ban
- Autounban system (needs to be called by cron job each 30 minutes)
- Ban till a specific date and time
  /ban|guid|reason why he gets banned|10|12:00  -> Will ban player with guid: guid for 10 days till 12:00.
- Extended log system (Persistent World specific feature)

You are not allowed to
	- claim you did create this
	- you own the rights on this source codes
	- sell or rent this scripts/sources in any way

You are allowed to
	- use this sources for your project (if permission given).
	- use this scripts on your PW server (if permissions given).

If you want to use this sources, parts of it or the scripts make sure to include
me in your server information/thread or mod thread/information
like this:

Using: Persistent Warband Save System from Illuminati (infravider.com)

^ -> This is enough, you dont need to personal ask me for permission.

If you think anyone harms this terms please contact me
[email protected]

If you want to donate:
[email protected]
G2A Pay & PayPal accepted.

Donations might bring me to release the admin panel as OSP too or extend the scripts.

First off prepare a dedicated server with vanilla PW_4.5 installed.
Make sure to install WSE.
If you don't know take the "Server.rar" and extract it.
This server is fully prepared with WSE.

Move the files in "Apache" to your webserver.
Go to ./Data/Settings.php -> Here you can set all settings and a password

Go to: www.cron-job.org &
register at it or choose an equal service.
Make a cron job which calls each 30 minutes: YOURURL/Autounban.php

Now it depends if you want to edit in the MS or just .txt files.
Method 1) Module System
Method 2) Strings (.txt files - easier method)

Method 1) Module System
Open module_strings.py
and scroll to the bottom.
Replace Script Host Controller to your URL/Controller.php
Replace the Script Password with your Settings.php password.
Save & Build. Replace PW_4.5 .txt files with your new ones.

Method 2) Strings
Open ./PW/strings.txt
search for str_script_host_controller 
replace http://perspersworld.king-solutions.cloud/PROJECTNAME/Controller.php
with YOURURL/Controller.php

below that line replace "test" with your Settings.php set password.
Now move the PW folder content to your PW_4.5 server folder & overwrite the .txt files.

How to get Admin?
Connect to the server. Go to Data folder.
Look for "YourGuid.json" and add one more JSON param or edit it if it exists
adminlevel (1) makes you admin.

Is there an admin panel?
Yes you can get it for 10€.
[email protected]

Important: Do not share you Settings.php password!

Archive Content
- Full PW Module System
- Precompiled PW scripts
- Apache Folder
- Full prepared WSE Server with PW_4.5 (is in an archive)
- License & Tutorial

(91 MB).

DL without WSE ready Server (just MS etc. - 500 kb): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KV-eYNFcU6brj2QYnUbquVQkfuGwBA9r/view?usp=sharing

If you want to use this sources, parts of it or the scripts make sure to include
me in your server information/thread or mod thread/information
like this:

Using: Persistent Warband Save System from Illuminati (infravider.com)

When using this package & it's content you agree on my license.
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