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What's your favourite PW Mod memory?

Personally mine is v2, I had just spawned and didn't really understand anything, a tin can rolled up on a saddle horse and started climbing some stairs towards me.  Was pretty obvious what he intended to do and I panicked, as I figured I had nowhere to go up the wall--then it dawned on me.

I dropped from the wall, jacked his saddle, and was riding out the gate before he could even cut me.  It was a good time.


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Me and a pirate crew of 6-7 people teaming up with the Tismirrs and beat back the Lannisters attacking their castle. We ended up capturing everything they held and they quit the server after that.


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Being caught for stealing in someone else's lands and being arrested + put on trial in the Calradia Roleplay Server. It was amazing how they set it up, there was a jury, judge and lawyer. I didn't even care that they killed my character.


I try to remember but it's mostly just robberies and combatlogging.

One of my favourite memories is using ninja tactics to sneak into a castle controlled by a faction of 70 and capping it with an army of one person, ninja-capping was the most tense **** I've done in my life.

Ziv iz

After a server reset getting in with another friend and taking a little castle, after that just seeing serfs and soldiers joining in and literally changing their tags to our faction
name, starting up as a two serfs kingdom and ending up with almost 30 people in a faction, the kingdomsurvived only a day, but the memories will last forever :smile:


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Staying home sick from school and getting full plate back on Original Trojan just to lose it due to a server restart. This was on the scene journey by glovine my favorite scene to this day


Back on NAPW when it was running the four corner castle map with absolutely no clue what I was doing learning the ways of PW mod. Good times...


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Randoming as many as I can before getting banned *shrug*

Honestly, the game gave me many lovely memories but nothing compares to the crying from some peasant or plate ****** after they die and lose their ****.


My second day of PW someone taught me how to actually play the game. After saving some money to train and having spoken to the lord of Glunmar about what the village needed, I decided to be a hunter to supply the local tavern. Some others joined me and we decided to branch out to New Zendar and the other locations. We paid for transport and guards to protect the goods. Something about the cooperative nature of that experience drew me to continue playing the game.
Oh man. My memory is quite terrible and even though I spent thousands of hours on persistent world I can't recall to many things. Though when I played I remembered a lot.

Sorry, I'm going to vent out what I can just because I want to reminisce with myself.

I've been playing since NA_Official , and on that server I met a lot of people and did a lot of things. My most memorable moments though were me trolling house Highstone in the abbey consistently. They would often just kos me and I would kos them. I got banned so many times for that :razz:
Also on that server, I remember I scammed an admin into giving me 1 million. At the time, 1 mil was a pretty big ****ing amount. I went up to a wall in an event where they gave out tons of money for gear and I took a picture of it for future reasons  :wink:

On NA_Trojan and LonelyHearts I rolled with the umm Black Knights? I do not remember the name, but we were a mercenary group that actually got our own castle from the admins on lonelyhearts :razz: It was probably my most fun time. Back then, rp was still alive yet there were constantly wars. I loved the rivalries I had with I think the RCC.

NA_Nexus was next right? I spent most of my time on that server. My favorite times were on Valley of Swamps. I often trolled the hell out of people and I ended up getting banned a total of 13 times on one key, and then 7 times on another. I think splintert was the admin? Or maybe this was on Oasis.

Anywho, oasis was absolutely fun. I loved the massive wars that we had. The population was the biggest for NA at this time. I missed always joining the underdog faction and winning wars for them. On this server, I also made my cart glitching debut :p Oh how fun cart glitching is. I never laugh as hard as I do when I cart glitch tincans on expensive horses :p

Ooo, I remember back many years ago, I think 2013, I rolled with the name Elucid. The whole server hated me, like legitimately hated me. At this time though, I just got a new mouse and came back from vacation and I was destroying everyone. Of course, the pros still beat me but they hated my guts when I kept robbing them and stealing their tin can just to jump off a river. I remember one time I made my "Elucid's gang of venom and poison" (Ik, it's gay asf) and I had around 7 members. We were at montibiel and sailed to a cave on realm divided I think, and we mined 2 carts of gold and silver and crafted them into bars. We were harassed the entire way to old port to sell them and in order to keep people from stealing, they elected me to sell all of the bars and then distribute the money.

I sold the bars, but I kept the money and logged :p

Speaking of old port, I loved that spawn area when some faction beats another one and they keep spawning there, or if they do own old port. Especially if the other faction is in praven. The whole city turns into a war zone, with tin cans coming in fighting nakeds that pick up whatever weapon is on the ground. Those are the funnest wars I swear.

I loved role playing with my buddies at the time. Us 4 would be blood thirsty priests or be mccoys hunting hatfields or something. It was just an excuse to rob people :razz:

My rivalries with all the big clans were also crazy. I always fought on the other side of factions fighting the tinadels (sigh, I forgot the others. Pretty much every big clan.), the clan that had ragnar in it (the nords?) , the tredians, the romans. Oh how I loved killing the romans. My feud with Ragnar's clan was the worst though. I honestly hated them and they were all so garbage but they kept ninja capping every damn castle.

Sigh. It makes me sad I can't remember all of the things I want to and that happened. I've had so many good times in PW and I wish I could experience them all again.


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Lord Brutus said:
He could be a pest at times since he wanted my opinion on everything.  :smile:
He talked about you pretty frequently, said you were a nice guy, but mostly *****ing about how you wouldn't unban him :wink:.



Definitely N'kulu (my bushmen oriented faction).

N'kulu warrior notices a plane

N'kulu pray to black-armored god.

N'kulu hunts down cart of white man

N'kulu captured slave

N'kulu celebrating after capture of castle.

One dude from N'kulu mastered shield&spear&no-armor fight to the level of beating everyones' asses in PW.

I've tried various themed factions, but probably nothing can beat N'kulu.

Also, making maps for PW gave me tons of fun (you can view them in my forum signature).


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War on all borders? Castles falling to the enemy? No problem! Lady Semiramis invites all lords and knights of the realm for her big feast at XY!


And to another one!


And to- oh wait, what does this raiding party of Lannisters have to seek here- ah right, the stockpiles are empty, go plunder and raze some village...


... so we can feast again!



Had a great time with the Bohemia Events, sad those don't happen much anymore, Events used to be really active every Saturday till about 2015.  The ones I can recall recently was the Crusades event and the Sailing Boats. Hopefully Bannerlord will spark some new life on the Online Community.
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