Persistent Lord of the Rings (PLotR)

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The ultimate RPG experience on Warband, the technology that the game has not yet seen before, the world created by Tolkien right in front of you.
These are some of my first impressions of the Persistent Lord of the Rings, it has a great potential with expansion-updates already planned and under work.

Slaughter enemies...
Work alone or with friends...
Explore the carefully created world and enjoy the ever existing presence of the Lord of the Rings lore-coated quests and npc interactions.
There is a million opportunities awaiting for you.
The Middle Earth awaits a hero... Will you be the one?

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I moved your thread to the Hub for now. There is already a thread existing for Persistent Lord of the Rings although it is outdated a lot:

Your moddb link is a very ugly link mixup of a youtube and a moddb link :wink:

the technology that the game has not yet seen before
I wonder to what you refer here since I somehow doubt that they introduced something completely new ^^
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