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Persistent Kingdoms

Hello, we're a small team that played PW together for years. Around two and a half years ago we (or our predecessors) founded a server on PW. The server has been up since that point, having its ups and downs (For those that are interested, PW is still very much alive - 200/200 slots filled every day at peak times). Recently, a poll was made on whether we should make a custom PW mod. The community responded positively so we decided to start working on the Persistent Kingdoms mod.

Persistent Kingdoms Features

Persistent Kingdoms is a mod based on Persistent World. It was never our intention to completely change the original version, but simply improve it and give the mod a fresh spark to reignite the interest of the multiplayer M&B Warband community. Most if not all of the PK features were developed based on communities requests and wishes.

Persistent Kingdoms Development

We believe it's imperative to point out that this is a mod designed by the community. Since the start of the development we have been taking suggestions and implementing them into the mod and we will continue to do so.

Discussion about the development of the mod can be found on Kingdoms forums. Things like suggestions and polls on new features can be found by following that link.

We pay attention to every suggestion and encourage you to post your own on this thread or on our forums.

Persistent Kingdoms Dev Blogs & Changelogs

Dev Blog 25/02/18
Dev Blog 05/03/18
Dev Blog 11/03/18
Dev Blog 18/03/18
Dev Blog 25/03/18
Dev Blog 01/04/18
Dev Blog 17/04/18
Dev Blog 30/04/18
Persistent Kingdoms Release Date
Persistent Kingdoms Release
Persistent Kingdoms Trailer & Fan-Made Videos No.1
Persistent Kingdoms 1.1 Released & Discord Opened & Fan-Made Videos No.2
Persistent Kingdoms Fan-Made Videos No.3
Dev Blog 19/07/18
Persistent Kingdoms 1.2 Release & Changelog

Persistent Kingdoms Official Videos

Flag Capture
Fast Inventory Transfer
Easy Show Pouch
Music System
Open&Close Helmet
Walking Mode
Sitting Mode
Persistent Kingdoms Official Trailer - 1.0 Now Available For Download!
Death Cam

Phoenix Dev Team

Persistent Kingdoms Helping Hands

Persistent Kingdoms Credits

Persistent Kingdoms Source Code & Tips & License

Source Code:

Persistent Kingdoms Scene Pack

Server Configuration



Kingdoms Forum

Persistent Kingdoms Download
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Name: Persistent Kingdoms
Version: 1.2
Game version: 1.158+
Category: MP mode
Short Info: The next Persistent mod that contains various improvements which range from new items, scene props, gameplay improvements, roleplay elements,...
Mode: MP
Languages: EN

Follow the steam group to receive the latest updates!

Join us on Discord to post suggestions, get help, report bugs or just to hang around with other PK players!

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Persistent Kingdoms

Hello everyone,

I just made sure to include the dev blogs into the original post to prevent a messy topic. Quite a lot of people are anticipating our mod on our platform and in other communities. EU Phoenix, Calradia Roleplay and Infinity (NA) will all be moving from Persistent World to PK. Since no real discussion happened here on TW forums I thought I'll update the thread a bit and post some of the more reflecting features.

New Weapons & Armours
  • 55+ new body pieces added.
  • 40+ new helmets added.
  • 8 new gloves added.
  • 14 new boots added.
  • 4 new horses added.
  • 25 new weapons added.

New Scene Props
  • New teleport doors have been added that enable people to teleport through them with horses.
  • 55+ new scene props (2 new wall & tower types, skeletons, different ores, wooden palisades and other smaller & bigger props).
  • Dedicated arrow & bolt holder.
  • New civilian and war carts added.
  • 40+ new trees & bushes added.

Quality of Life Improvements
  • You can poll yourself lord if the faction is empty.
  • Outlaw faction chat added.
  • Lords can now assign marshals that can help manage the faction.
  • Castle flag capture animation.
  • Basic name labels.
  • Faction members now receive messages when getting keys/announcers & getting kicked/outlawed from the faction.
  • “Drop all” button that drops all your money.
  • Fast inventory transfer (right click).
  • Show pouch to nearby players option.
  • Easy show pouch system.
  • Lockpicked chest notification.
  • Adjusted classes (see “classes” tab).
  • Clear projectiles option that removes arrows & bolts from doors and chests.

Graphical Improvements
  • 50+ new banners added.
  • 20+ new skyboxes added.
  • New terrain borders have been added that improve the immersion and make the maps feel much larger.
  • Existing textures have been replaced to improve the overall look of the game.

New Roleplay Aspects
  • Music system has been added (playable lute, lyre and horn).
  • Open & close helmet feature support for 6 helmets.
  • Dog model.
  • 2 sitting animations added (on chairs and anywhere).
  • Walking animation added.

Server & Admin Features
  • Scene slots have been increased from 14 to 30.
  • Spectator can now be enabled or disabled through server configuration.
  • Admins are now able to restock with admin scalpels.
  • Server owners can now set a percentage of money dropped by commoners and faction members in the server configuration.
  • Admins can now join any factions through the admin menu.
  • 48 new castle names have been added.
  • Private message system that can be enabled/disabled through server configuration.
  • Random gear spawning in chests can now be enabled/disabled.
  • Mute all players option added to the administration menu.

Implemented Log System
  • Hit on shield logs.
  • Inventory transfer logs (owner faction’s name, instance id).
  • Money bag logs.
  • Money chest logs (owner faction’s name, instance id).
  • Hitting/repairing chests or doors (owner faction’s name, instance id).
  • Hitting ships (instance id).
  • Dropping items on the ground (instance id).
  • Picking up items from the ground (instance id).
  • Attacks on players, players’ horse, animals and rogue horses (weapon’s name, agent id).
  • Healing logs.
  • Looting from corpses (name of the corpse’s owner, instance id).
  • Looting gear from drop containers from the ground (name of the dropper, instance id).
  • Equipment logs when logging in and logging out.
  • Kicking/outlawing from faction.
  • Looking into carts (instance id).
  • Capturing castles (castle name, capturer, faction name).
  • Reveal money pouch to nearby players or to one player.
  • Connect/disconnect logs.

Bug Fixes
  • A bug where freeze walls remain in place after a player logs out has been removed.
  • Relogging as lord in PW made you lose all the data on keys & announcers. Not anymore.

  • Default wars have been removed.
  • Default spawn gear has been removed.
  • Arrows & bolts are now a craftable resource. Advanced arrows & bolts now also have smaller quivers.
  • Commit suicide option.
  • Poll cooldown has been introduced after a poll succeeds or fails.
  • Confirmation required when joining commoners in the “death” screen.
  • Mute instruments option.

Persistent Kingdoms Videos (Could only integrate 2, check the others by clicking on links)​

We have also opened a website where all the features, credits and videos are listed. Information about the mod such as classes, crafting recipes, tutorials and existing servers are listed there as well.
Feel free to check it out:

You can also find us on the TaleWorlds Forum Modding Discord, Steam and on Mod DB:

Phoenix Dev Team



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Persistent Kingdoms Open Test 2

Hello everyone!

We have already performed a first successful test of the mod within our Phoenix community. Now we're doing a second one this Saturday 12th of May.

If you wish to test the mod with us simply click on this link:

The test version of the mod will be made available for download during Friday 11th of May. The download link will be posted on the thread linked above.

Looking forward to the test!

Phoenix Dev Team

You can also find us on the TaleWorlds Forum Modding Discord, Steam and on Mod DB:

Phoenix Dev Team



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Any change planned in regards to the "biggest clan wins" mentality?

What made PW really fun for me in the early days, was constructing a faction from scratch with complete strangers each time I played. Anyone could come and go. That kinda disappeared, and now it's more about seeing 20 people with the same tags having their wars with other clans or restricting faction access to "only clan members", which to me is ridicolous.

If it goes back to how the early PW was, I'll be happy to give it a shot.


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Gab-AG. said:
Any change planned in regards to the "biggest clan wins" mentality?

What made PW really fun for me in the early days, was constructing a faction from scratch with complete strangers each time I played. Anyone could come and go. That kinda disappeared, and now it's more about seeing 20 people with the same tags having their wars with other clans or restricting faction access to "only clan members", which to me is ridicolous.

If it goes back to how the early PW was, I'll be happy to give it a shot.
Well, to be honest, that's very hard to achieve as a mod creator or a server owner. We will try our best to make our community more friendly to the new people and pubs. I do believe clans will still remain clans and some of them might not be exactly friendly to "pubs". What I am counting on though is on the fact that many old people and new will return which will enable the "pubs" to form your own factions without being destroyed immediately. Besides that, on our server at least, we will speak with the clan leaders to try and establish a more friendly environment for people like you.


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Persistent Kingdoms Release Date

We've spent the last 2 weeks testing the mod within our Phoenix community. We've had two open tests within our community and tested the mod on both occasions with 120+ people on the server at the same time. We've discovered and fixed 40+ bugs and are now more or less ready for the release. The final bugs will be fixed in the following week. We'll also be getting everything ready for release and finish up the website more or less.

Phoenix Dev Team

We're excited about this probably more than you guys are. Three months of work has brought us to this point and we're looking forward to seeing you all experience the mod for the first time. All of us started this project out of our own desire to contribute something to the Warband community and try to improve on the mod we've all played for so long. Almost none of us has worked on a modding project like this before and it's quite an experience. I think it's only fair that I write a thing or two about who actually stands behind all the changes and "put a face to the name".

Tommy (Scripter)

Tommy is an endless coding machine, similar to Saptor. He volunteered to work on the project from the start and we couldn't have done it without him. If only he didn't have to drink tea every time we had to test something (A British thing apparently). Despite his disability to survive without tea he has managed to code a lot of the features you'll see in the mod.

Saptor (Scripter)

Despite his disadvantage of being a Turkish resident and being oppressed by Erdogan, Saptor has done some quality work with coding the new features. I imagine you guys would have to wait for quite a while more if it weren't for him.

Dekkers (Scene developer)

Dekkers is a scene developer that has been making maps for PW for the past couple of years and NW before that. It was originally his idea to look into making this mod. He's also made the new banners possible and has been there during most of the decisions that led to the mod that you will get into your hands. The real work for him begins now. He'll be working on adjusting PW scenes to PK and creating new so that we'll be able to enjoy in the new mod.

BridgeTroll (Launcher & API)

BridgeTroll has volunteered himself at the start of the project to start working on a Phoenix launcher which will make sure that your mod on the computer is up to date and to download any updates if necessary. You'll be able to use the launcher or manually download the module files.

Lord Pain (Modeller)

Pain has been of valuable help to the project working with OpenBRF to bring us all the new items and scene props that we desired. In the future, he will be looking into optimising the mod by making more simple collisions which should improve the performance.

Exima (Modeller)

Exima has been of great help with the new models. He's designed quite a few new items that you'll be able to see in the mod and helped us with implementing new items on numerous occasions.

William (Mod Coordinator)

I was the annoying guy trying to move the project forward sticking my nose in pretty much every hole it went in. The website will also stay up as long as I am alive or we all finally move to Bannerlord with a new mod. I was also the contact with you guys reading the dev blogs and will continue to be that with the future changelogs.


We would also like to thank all the people that helped us during development and all the creators of OSP resources which made this whole project possible in the first place. Check for a full list.

Future And Support Of The Mod

The development of this mod won't end with its first release. We'll make sure to fix any bugs that come up and keep updating the mod with new features that we already have planned out. We're actually looking for ways on how to improve the dynamic of PK and make it more interesting. If you have any suggestions make sure to get in contact with us on any platform. We'll be happy to listen!

Release Date

The big thing that we've all waited for. The mod will be released on 19th of May which is a Saturday. To my best knowledge there will be multiple servers setup from day one and later on as well to indulge all the different appetites from hardcore roleplay to intense large battles and sieges.

Make sure to have a look at our servers page to find out which servers you'll be able to play on:

You can also follow the countdown to release on the home page:

Pictures From Open Tests

Here are a few cool pictures from the successful open tests.


Keep posting suggestions. We consider every suggestion you post so just reply to this post if you have an idea you wish to share.

Feel free to discuss this dev blog down below.

Phoenix Dev Team



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Not helping when the server owner is friend and was part of one of the big clans. Not pointing fingers but we have reached a point of no return now.


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This is hardly a place for PW politics. This is a fresh start. There's going to be multiple servers on this mod with different server owners so you're free to choose whichever you wish.
For already confirmed servers have a look here:


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I haven't actively played PW since...2014ish? so I probably won't be very active on this one either, but I'm looking forward to at least trying it out.
One question though, will there be a "manual" download? No offense to you, I'm just not a fan of running external launchers if I don't have to :razz:


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Hello! I've been baned in a PW mode in about 1 year ago on EU_Phoenix server. So how can i start to play again?


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Just make an appeal here:



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Updated Wüstis-PW-Minimap for this PW-Sub-Mod:

Edit: Link not working, eventhought I am registered for a year now. I will ask someone else to post it.