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NA beta server launched!

Hello , can you deban me on discord . Last time I got hacked so suddenly you banned me . I would like if possible to get debanned because I play the mod and I can't download the new versions and therefore it's complicated .

Thanks you . Nolyo
What the **** did I just read ? I have no idea of if it's a good troll or a genuinely extremely poorly educated and informed post. I love it, please keep it on !
What? Why aren't you in the fields getting the next harvest ready? Are you being lazy, you uneducated peasant?!

Take a jest, that phrase up above? Yeah, it's a jest when I am in roleplaying mode. Now for the serious part.

You read the truth of what occurred outside of the forums here and just so you know, you will be fact checked, I am highly intellectual, sophisticated in my education and I made a well informed post with absolute integrity in tact based on what I and others had witnessed. I don't recall you ever being there so, you know nothing of what occurred, which also makes you useless in this situation by your hilarious response. However, I've come to the conclusion that you are a.........pitiful troll. Yet ironically, you gave a good laugh in court. So thank you for your poor and inaccurate subjective feedback, peasant, my guards will escort you out of my throne room now.

*sh1ny4 is escorted out of the King's throne room by four of his most devoted royal guards.*

The right to freedom of speech is a shield against prosecution by a government for speaking out against it. That's it. Since none of the entities involved in your dispute are representing the government, you aren't being prosecuted for speaking against them, and so your right to freedom of speech isn't being infringed. That's it for today's civics class.

I don't know you, and I don't know the details of the incident you're referring to, but as this occurred on a private Discord server--and if your second paragraph is anything to go by--then I must recommend you take this up directly with the individuals involved and not here, publicly.

I sure would hate to be charged with high treason, slander, lies, and illegal censorship, after all.
Yeah I spoke to them here about it. They said they were looking into it. Thank you for at least understanding what had occurred by reading my post. Some of the discord members are here, that's why I had to speak here to ask for assistance. The admins also banned me before I could say anything on discord too. Remember, all I was doing was answering peoples' questions about the Persistent Empires mod and stuff related to that in the discord server. The reason why I said there was censorship was because the admins were acting as if they were censorship police which they are not but abusive admins are in a sense exactly that to people like me who are victims of their abusive actions. It's just discord loves to censor stuff as I hear and I hear that there are alot of abusive admins on discord, not on here obviously. I usually don't even talk about that stuff here on the forums of Taleworlds but in this case, can you really blame me? Like I said, I had gotten banned at random without any warnings and without even being given a chance to defend myself on what I was "accused of", which again, I did nothing wrong in discord. A lot of people were banned for "reasons" that we don't even know about nor do we think it's justified. Trust me, I ain't the only one. It was just a random ban after I mentioned something about a past event that occurred in the server itself which I won't bring up again here. (It's just overall what had occurred and I'm vague about it because there is no need to repeat such details.).Of course, I will keep in mind to talk to them in private messaging on here instead of out in the open if I find it necessary which I don't right now because I don't exactly care anymore about being in that discord. More people are being banned anyways. What's the point of rejoining that discord if I am just gonna be banned again for doing nothing wrong, do you see my point here?

Since I haven't heard back from the individual who said he'd put out my message to the admins in the discord community, I presume it's just that; They don't exactly care who they ban or they forgot. This thread is also for the purpose of the Persistent Empires mod too and I was part of that discord community who was hyped to play it and because I was banned from discord, I needed to reach out to people here and I didn't think to dm them instead. I should have done that. So please understand my situation by just leaving it as it is. I will say no more of this matter here publicly.
Your arguments are invalidated and I do reserve the right to speak, even in the discord.

First off, you do not have evidence that proves that I am a bigot, secondly, I DO have evidence of your false accusations right here and right now, thirdly, you are a hypocrite and a false witness as well as a liar which makes you bigoted which also means you will be punished for your bigotry. Typical to see snowflakes like you around these days. Therefore, your intellectual level is below 0 and negative infinity. Speaking facts and the truth is not bigotry but speaking against truth and facts? It is indeed bigotry. Being banned for helping members of the server calm down by explaining to them what drama had occurred is admin abuse. That is what I call bigotry and hypocrisy to the fullest with hubris and a hint of pride.

You have lost this argument and you do not have the right to call me out for "bigotry" when it is you who is the bigot and you are a hypocritical snowflake. You are a joke and you are hereby banned from humanity for your heterophobia, Christophobia and Truthphobia. You have also lied and bore false witness. None of the things I did in discord was bigotted. But you? Yeah, you deserve to be banned for your crimes against humanity. Cry me a river and get over it. The joke is ultimately on you. 🤣

Pathetic immature child tries to lecture me? You are on probation for a reason, hypocrite. You have been SILENCED, YOU IGNORANT OUTLAW!
This guy has lost his mind ahaha
This guy has lost his mind ahaha
Says the clown with a clown profile. Nay, it is you who has lost your mind, hypocrite. Claiming to be smarter eh? When you deny the truth before you? You are claiming to be someone you are not in reality because your level of intelligence is much lower than I'd hoped for, lower than your foolishness with no common sense within you one bit. Seem to be seeking recognition now for your lies eh? *Clap clap clap*. Sarcasm laughs back in your general direction. Simply put, you know nothing about me. Speaking the truth and facts does not equal to losing one's mind, it's the opposite. Only the mentally troubled will say that individual has lost his or her mind. Therefore, my sanity is perfectly in tact. Tripping over your words like that, foolish peasant, entertains a man like me. I get the last laugh, villain!
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It would be nice if toxic players wouldnt kill u for no reason or steal your horse when u get down to do something.Tried to report someone none is willing to help.Like bannerlord online mod it will die soon because of that reason.Absolutely not recomented
It would be nice if toxic players wouldnt kill u for no reason or steal your horse when u get down to do something.Tried to report someone none is willing to help.Like bannerlord online mod it will die soon because of that reason.Absolutely not recomented
Exactly. They do not care just like for Persistent Worlds/Kingdoms. They just allow players to be harassed, robbed and randomed without any consequences.
Should make so trees don't grow so fast back. Also I really love how cutting trees works in Medieval Dynasty with the physics and lumber parts. Should try and recreate that.
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