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--PERMISSIONS for your own Mods:
Dear Players,
you can send me a PM asking for permissions to use some of my Mod s issues,  ...and I will answer.
I will try to let you use as many issues that I can, but if you need more than a bunch, I will consider it, but I will ask you to make your Mod as a Gabrilduro's Submod

Nobody is authorized to use anything that is in my Mods (1755/1776/1860s) if I did not authorize them, even if they gave me credit.

kebumikan said:
Hello sir,
Your 1755  mod is nice, the best mod i've ever played. The models and musics are nice too.
and about the models, i want to use some models in 1755 to my mod. So i need your permission to use it.
Thank you,

--DONATIONS & HELP from Players

Please present here your PERSONAL creations that you would like to DONATE to the Mod.

We will be honored to consider them as part of our Mod in progress, but pls do not get offended if we will kindly prefer not to use them, or modify them.

They all will be considered FREE gifts to the Mod, though, and will not be given back.

IF interested to candidate as Helpers, please breafly introduce yourself, say from which part of the world you are from and exactly what you can do.

Thank so much to all of you :wink:

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