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Permanent Control Groups for Units

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Permanent Control Groups for Units - why it's needed!

- Loading a save resets control groups. If you set peasants to Group 5, they will return to G1 after loading / being wiped out and freshly recruited. This is tedious.
(Why don't you just not save-scum? It would still be painful spending 30min+ every time you start up the game for the day, besides the game crashes A LOT.)

- Permanently locking a unit to a group: If I set "Imperial Recruit" to group 5, it should be recruited into Group 5 next time I recruit them if the previous group has already been wiped out / upgraded. This should not set the next unit in line to Group 5, because you wouldn't want Imperial Archer in the same group as your cannon-fodder. Hence each individual unit should be locked permanently to its assigned group, until you reassign them.
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