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I hate how the perks and skills are implemented, everything conflicts with each other and just don't make sense cohesively; especially now we have this clan, party leader, role, governor, and generation systems.

You have to 'do to learn' the skills but they slow down the higher you go, which slow down your level gain, which slows down the pace you get your FP/attributes, which further slows down progression. You end up having to use all the FP/attributes on the active skills your learning just to barely keep it in the 'green' to get close to the max at a reasonable timeframe. It always gets to the point where you have to change your character's roleplay style just to skill up all the other skills (and change weapons) just to get those easy early extra exp to get more FP/attributes. I mean, sure, the weapons ones are all very easy to skill up but there's so many that have completely different growth rates due to what contributes to their exp gains. I've never really made it to the next generation because it's just the exact same repeatable grind but with a time limit of your age. Then it's a 'reset' to progression when you go to the next generation, actually, it's at a disadvantage because you end up taking over when they are already mid-twenty or early 30s with practically 0 skills so you have less time to get skills up again and so on.
Then there's the's great there's now a sort of A or B options in each column but honestly, some are just objectively bad, especially when some of the extra benefits don't or won't even get applied to some of your character/companions.

Do away with this skill point>character exp>level nonsense, it was fine in Warband since you can't die so you can keep gaining exp indefinitely (but I think it's at like lvl 31 or something where it really hits a wall). We already have this in the way of your character's age, just tie your attributes to that. I mean, that's how they're sort of doing the education thing with your kids currently which I do think is pretty neat. I can roll the dice with their education for a randomized route and then 'roleplay' that character based on the stats they start with (whether trader, which weapons, etc...).

Weapon proficiency of some form needs to come back, separate it from the progressions that affect you as an individual party/role and those that affect you in the overworld (governor/clan leader/etc..).

All this nonsense jamming all types of limits/progression to the exp/perks is stupid imo, from the ones that only affect as governor, party leader, role, clan leader, captain, etc...into just an A or B option; there's no way anyone can be satisfied with how it is implemented or intended atm.


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which slow down your level gain, which slows down the pace you get your FP/attributes, which further slows down progression.
It doesn't work like that anymore, but did many versions ago. Now you gain separate level exp from every skill related action, even if you earn zero skill exp and it doesn't increase or decrease with skill exp learn rate. The skill exp rate also doesn't drop from you character level anymore.

There's a lot of problems with progression and character building though still.
What I would really like is to do away with attributes and just let FP govern the whole skill, so we can just pick a choose what we want.
The we have the skills themselves many having very bad mays of leveling.
Medicine: Getting troops KO'd is bad skill is too slow
Leadership: Leading armies is boring and you have to do it "forever" if you want high leadership.
Roguery: too slow except prison breaks, but prison breaks require a lot of wasted campaign time and money

Then we have the opposite, some skill don't hurt enough, like using melee weapons, character can use them all fine with zero skill, so there's no good progression feeling. They did good making the starting bow feel clunky, but there's not enough progression in raising the skill, it still feel clunky but then once you get a 70skill bow it massively better all at once and then there's little more progression.

Anyways, I really hope we get revamps on this stuff.
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