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If these don't then I assume, many others don't either.

Trait confirmed not to work.

Mounted Archery trait: allowing any bow to be used on horseman.
Mounted Crossbows: allowing reloading on horseback
Disciplinarian for turning bandits into normal troops
i dont understand the archery and riding skill. both skill trees give the option to ''use any bow on horseback'' might aswell use the 1 from riding if you never play with a crossbow. ( i dont because the aiming if weird without the crosshair xD )


I don't get any XP on Steward skill even if I stay several days in my own city. My character has reached in that skill lvl 246 and 341XP, with his INT at 4.


Steward Skills do not work, Especially the +X Party Size for Fiefs / Vassal does not work. There are also many Skills that concern governor, however it is not clear how you can even bring them to use. There are certain companions who are considered good governors, but the Steward / Engineering / Trade / Medicine trees have many options that are rendered useless for a Governor type and vice versa. I think to balance the perks that give a certain bonus when you stay in a town should be set to "personal". In all my 300 hours playing this game i only stay in a city for a couple hours until my boys are healed up again. I wonder why i should be forced to stay inactive in a city to get some standings or loality bonus. Other than using the smithing system that needs actual rest or healing your troops there is no use for me as Ruler or Hero to stay in a fief for long.


In short all the skills that add things not specific to your character stats, such as arrows, javelins, party size, extra companions don't work. Just the add HP and add DMG, add speed seem to work.

Skills that add experience seem not to be working. I had all my companions in party gain the leadership 25 skills. so they increase exp to all units. I did not notice any real difference. I could be wrong.

perks that mutate the stats of weapons are also quite unsure. For example halving shields weight or damaging shields more effectively or aiming faster. I'm assuming these don't work either when you look at the horse archer perk, it doesn't allow for long bow stats to be mutated so they can be used on horseback.

Also your companions don't train their skills if not assigned to a role. A governor does not train stewardship or a caravan leader does not train roguery (outside of ransoming prisoners) and scouting and trading. An caravanleader can only learn scouting if you assign him to scout role. He will never improve trading and will never improve scouting if not assigned to the role.


Just DL the mod Community Patch to fix a majority of the perks. Makes BL life so much better until the devs finally fix it themselves.
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