Perisno: The New Beginning (v. II, Patch 3: 03.apr.2019)

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I was wondering if you're going to update TNB soon, as Perisno got the recent patch
Well, there isn't really anything to update.
Custom helmets and shields were added there long before 0.99, large new town scenes are inapplicable, new loading screens are inapplicable, night ambushes are inapplicable, unique locations are inapplicable, battle AI has mostly been there from the start, different lords' map icons have been there from the start etc.
What's left? Replaced Elintoran armor and Ludger's household guards and .... eeeh?
I just don't want to release a tiny update that at the same time will not be save-compatible. That's lame. :smile:


Leonion I was wondering what didn't you like from the recent updates perisno got after 0.99.Irc you said that in some post and what were the reason to stick to 0.99 beta prerelease. If its not too much to ask. I'm just asking because I would like to know why 0.99 it's better to stick with it and what future versions made it worse.

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