Performing a full uninstall of Mount & Blade

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To remove Mount & Blade from your system (usually for troubleshooting purposes)

1. Run the uninstall application. This will uninstall most of the game files, but leave the game folder intact
2. Navigate to the folder where you installed Mount & Blade and delete the folder

Note that this will leave licensing information within the registry intact. This means you can re-install the game and not require a re-activation.

Retaining Save games/characters
Keeping your old saves is remarkably easy. Simply open up the M&B folder before uninstalling, look for the save folder and move it to somewhere safe (like your desktop). Once you have re-installed the game, simply move the folder back and allow it to overwrite the new one.

Removing Licence Keys
In order to completely remove the licensing information (should you want to) you will need to edit the registry. To do this:
1. Run Regedit
2. Search for Mount & Blade. Delete all found keys
3. Search for Licenturion. Delete these keys.
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