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Performance issues on older rigs + Win10

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Hi all,
for those having perfomance issues on older configurations and Windows 10 may improve their fps by disabling Windows Game mode (you can find it in settings under xbox icon, then game mode, toggle switch off).
This helped me on my laptop with i7 4750 HQ cpu, 16GB RAM, Samsung Evo 850 mSATA SSD and GeForce 840M 2GB video card, now runs in 1080 @60 fps with minum details and battles capped @400 people.


1080 p downscaled 15% on min settings, @45-70 fps depending on the situation. Even lower on particularly crowded sieges


windows game mode actually helps your performance after an update microsoft put out awhile back. if you have an older cpu open up run type in msconfig<boot<processors(set to highest number you have then restart your computer.


I can confirm that turning off game mode smoothed out my game.

And I am on the top end of systems, it got rid of a lot of stutter.

Something is broke in MS land.
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