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Bluefire if you manage to do something for the mod I would let you on the team, the sigs are ccol but that time is over and we need to get to work.
Ah, don't worry, I'm done with the signatures, sir. :smile: I have no idea how to do anything that will help the mod. I'm reading the really confusing tutorials though, but I doubt I would be able to learn anything from it. I will sit on the side line for now. Sorry for uh... disturbing your work... :sad:
It was not a disturbance, I was working on sigs for a bit to, you and the other sigs provided a morale boost, the whole team was glad we had another fan, stuff like this will keep the mod alive. :grin:
speaking of the mod being alive, is it still going? I 've been watching the forum and your site and I haven't seen anything.
hey I checked your website and it said that you guys were planning on postponing till next summer? :cry:
Indeed, tis a sad day, however you can still talk in this thread about plans and ideas ect. since we are just post-poning it.
Not from my part, and I'm pretty sure Lancecor is just waiting for time as well.

I'll be reassuming work on it in another week or two, and perhaps he will as well.
Why don't you just work on the mod whenever you can and feel inclined to do so. A weekend here and there amongst all your team members would go quite a ways. Just have each person have a specific area of operation, and communicate what they've done. If you postpone, you stand an excellent chance of never picking up again. It's ok to work quietly with few to no updates. Use your wiki forum to organize your team and progress. Don't worry if this thread goes back into the nether regions of the Pioneer's Guild. You can always bring it back with a nicely presented preview.......

It seems like we're good to go, so preliminary plan for the next couple of weeks is to get as many models possible textured (Lancecor), start and finish our very first scene (Me), and maybe rig the Camp T-shirt (Me), if I can learn that decently enough.

We might even post a preview here sometime soon.
So George's job is....? I will work whenever I can on the mod, but I still need till Holiday break before I have ANY time, I have a huge project due before then.
So... I my family ended up going to Vegas during winter break... so facepalm there.

On the brightside, I've been working on my modeling (and a little bit on my texturing) skills and can make props and some simple armory. I think I'll be able to get a few models up tomorrow. :smile:
I'm working on this again (cue in exclamations of either dread or excitement...)

It will be done eventually, of that I'm sure. Just need to not give up on it...

Anyway, thought I'd share something, so here's my favorite model for this mod. Little guy just needs a set of hands, and then pretty much everything else... so, yeah.

The Minotaur (!!!):


It sort of looks like he's smiling there, which is a little weird/amusing. I'll probably fix it if I ever get him in-game.
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