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OSP Medieval 3D Art Percus' Sallet

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Eärendil Ardamírë

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Forum thread for the OSP author Percus, indexing a MBRepository files (the author can have the thread reattributed to him on request should he become active again). The author posted about it originally in the thread OSP: The Open Source Project.

This rar-file contains a brf file with the model and a preset-material, and the texture of course.
This is my contribution to the Open Source Project (OSP). It's possible that I will create more stuff like this in the future.

Model was made 100%ly by me, texture made by my friend mike who made me create the model in the first place

Here a short video on youtube presenting the helmet:
[Video not working anymore, comment of Moderator]

and here a screeny compilation for better details:
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