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People's Republic of America

The People's Republic of America is a faction created amongst natives and europeans. The idea brought by this Republic is that every men are equal and nobody should be superior of another one. Of course someone should rule, and someone should execute, but still everybody have their rights and their obligations and duties. Men and women, chairman and soldiers,  everybody have to attend to their duty and are treated equally if they break rules. For sometimes there were not be elections, but maybe one day you could elect your chairman.

This Republic objectives is to spread the revolutionaries ideals throught lands without touch natives that are seen as a good example of freedom.This don't mean a constant war state, because also diplomacy is important. British capitalists oppressors  should be fought with every weapon you have when times arrive however. 

PRA or People's Republic of America ,  let the citezen choose from civilian brace to the military one.
Civilians should work for the whole community to produce weapons, food and also childrens, while military brace should defend civialians, bring order between them and bring ideals outside the PRA.( PRa have several ranks:

Chairman: It administrate political matters and give military general direction to the PRA. He speak with other faction when time arrive.

Commissar: It lead military brace of PRA

Vice Commissar There are more then one Vice Commissars, when there are more then one on the field , the one signed from more time lead soldiers.

Secret Service They are under Chairman orders and make special mission of military/diplomacy/economical subjects.

Red Soldier They are the backbone of the PRA army.

Conscript Levied civilians, or newbies that want to take military carrier.

This is the first clan i make, so be patient if i fail something!

Roleplay is apprecieted ,but not a rule.

Teamspeak is not required.

Interested people should contact me on this forum , on this thread or on my steam profile Executioner[PRA]

Contacting me tell me your steam profile name, what do you want to do, and the part of the day you are most active.