People From Unusual/Distant/Rare Places Report in Here!

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Feldmarschall_Ben said:
One of my men is from Liechtenstein. I never met someone from Liechtenstein before.
He has an interesting accent :grin:
I go to Liechtenstein every year, have family there.

I don't know of anyone else from Kent who plays NW.
None of these places are unusual or rare.. these are all populated cities or counties. The OP is talking about the North Pole or in the middle of the ****ing sea.
Docm30 said:
Col_Lucas said:
We have one girl from British Columbia , and a guy from St.Catherines Canada
There are 4.4 million people in British Columbia, making it the third most populace province in the second largest country on earth. How's that rare or unusual?

I dont know , for a french regiment , its kinda unusual to have someone from British Columbia ^^
Omahaa said:
You can't go further north in the UK. I guess I belong in here as it's ******** freezing and nobody knows about this place.

Shetland Isles:

i learned recently that some of my early relatives were from Wick. Is that place a ****hole?
Don't run a clan anymore, but I had people from all over. Saudi Arabia, Siberia, Singapore, Luxembourg were some of the rarest.

Personally, I live in South Yorkshire, England. Boring, I know.
Harry_ said:
Docm30 said:
Harry_ said:
i learned recently that some of my early relatives were from Wick. Is that place a ****hole?
Well, it's in Scotland, isn't it?

you gotta hear it from a scotsman for it to be confirmed REALLY bad

I personally haven't been there but it honestly seems like a nice place.

I live in the middle of the North sea so anywhere is a nice place to me, really.
I've said it before but I will repeat it again.
I live in a part of the Netherlands where the Belgian border and the German border are equally far away, about 3km both ways :grin:
I live in Limburg in the township of Echt-Susteren


Since that only around 1000 people live in Vatican State. It would be rare if one of them played warband
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