Pendor V3.9.5 Big Map Stuck and FPS drops

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I am facing the issue that after 20-30 minutes of starting Pendor, the big map will become stuck and keep pausing, while the FPS drops from 160 to 110, 90, or even 45. Also, the mouse will shine and on main page, shopping page, or anywhere other than battlefield, this continues. Even if I restarted the mb_warband.exe, the stuck still exists unless I restart the desktop. I have tried to get my Nvidia Drive Program back to 2020's 442.74, used Mem Reduct, set the render_buffer_size to a huge number in rgl_config of documents folder, and put priority of warband in Task manager to be high, but this still happens. I now have no idea.


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Try to increase swap file. Turn on/off load textures on demand. Turn off blood and rag dolls. It looks like memory leaking.


Same thing happens to me. If you open task manager and end the tasks named 'nvidia container' it will fix it for a while. It's annoying but better than having to restart everytime.
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