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Worse still, if this ever goes to court or the police are involved then posting about it in public is going to make things harder for the prosecution. Have you PMd the moderators?

No, I haven't. I didn't think about that. I am going to contact them. If OP is being honest about wanting to stop him, he is failing to grasp how this will ruin any case against him. Gonna contact mods now.
To someone who said that ppl didnt bother to talk with him: even if u tried, he would just tell u to kill yourself, blame everyone, leave wb for few months only to come back later with new comment in his nottepad(steam profile) and again doing something retarded. Story told here by op isnt 100% "true" they mistaken some facts but overally Yes Marth did Such things. He did send **** Pictures to someone prettending girl on chat for 30m. He also had underage gf from Germany. Same with 15yo Girl from deluge clan without micro, for which he bought game on steam and as she didnt fall in love with him after that, he had to punish her by callimg her whore thretenimg to ban her from server etc. Not counting his "libido" acts he is known as very toxik person who ruined most things as events or tournaments in which he participated or organized. Bannimg ppl for corpse kick, flaming everyone on discord Just because he didnt get a King rank in captain event on deluge. That said he will always be remembered as someone who send picture of his ass to random person only to get invited to the clan


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Although this situation was sent to Sandorra by Edric and someone, it's said that Sandorra didn't take any action. When I opened this thread on the Mercenaries forum it was deleted by Sandorra under the excuse of privacy.
bruh, whats it with you ranting about sandorra every chance you get?
for clarity, a post like this one was made on Mercenaries forums - by a fresh account, 0 post and 0 kills ingame. that thread was then redacted and the matter has since been discussed by the admin team, coming to no conclusion as of yet, which is less than 24 hours after the thread was made. Not sure what you're expecting here, him to ban someone based on accusations made by someone unknown? I see why you posted it with a fresh account though, seeing how your old one is known as a clown for posting about how anyone and everyone is a cheater, same as you've done on this forum...

Now, to the case at hand: I'm not saying you're wrong or right here since I just don't know. If your claims are true then that is truly abhorrent and the individual in question should be removed from the community.


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If you have evidence of sexual abuse or harassment of minors, then the correct thing to do is report it to the proper real-world authorities. Making a public name & shame thread on a Turkish video game forum is wild and does nothing but undermine justice. The most that staff of this forum can do is prevent him from committing such abuse on this forum, not in-game or on other platforms. Contact a moderator directly with your claim & evidence.

Also, for the couple of people on this last page who were making such arguments: what kind of ****ing mental gymnastics are you doing to justify your victim-blaming of children for being sexually harassed or abused? If you try that again, you're done here, and that's already lenient.
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