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It's already been four weeks. Bloody hell.

At best, this is what we can expect:
[list type=decimal]
[*]The native patch is released before the weekend
[*]The developer of WSE will wait about a week to patch WSE just to make sure there won't be another native patch
[*]He patches WSE, which takes a few days
[*]Our own developers patch Vikingr, which takes a few days

So this will take two weeks more.


Hopefully it will be a bit faster than two weeks, but we can unfortunately not be sure about any date, and even this 1.153 was originally scheduled for the beginning of last week.
At least the time is used well on our side and there every waiting day is well invested into the patch which should end up as a bit more than just a ported 0.93^^


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What really pisses me off is that not every other mod will be upgraded to 1.153, at least not that soon. For now I'm still doing fine with the non WSE mod (I still have 1.143), but when time to upgrade will come I will still be pissed off because some other mods won't work fine with 1.153.

Thanks for the effort anyway, too much time has passed since my last match at Vikingr and I'm really missing it!


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The best thing of the univeristy exams is that I have lots of time for playing vikingr but where is my vikingr dope when I need it so bad. =/


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Yeah, I meant the Warband patch is finally out (it was delayed, right?), so if we're lucky the WSE guy will be able to start working on it in a week or less.


We are indeed just busy with finishing the last bits of the patch, and if everything comes together nicely we might be back online by the end of next week. It might well be that we eventually go for a non steam-based release though, so that any further warband patches won't catch us offguard like the last four, and compatibility is not broken automatically. But it will need some more thought, and it shouldn't cause much of a hassle for most of you anyway as we will pack it all up into an installer again.

I will write a bit more on the topic soon, but thanks to J (Jofrid Jarnskeggidottir on the forums), we are ready to set up a server as soon as the download thread goes up.


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Great news! Shame it wont be ready for my Birthday this Sunday, but the Powers That Be are not to blame for that!

Great work Mocker and co.!


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