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Yes, I used mods.


Summary: The Pathfinder Perk is supposed to have a 50% chance to increase relations with notable when entering towns. It does not seem that it is increasing relations with notables in town at all.
How to Reproduce: Put perk point in Pathfinder. Travel and enter town to town.

Only use Kaoses Tweeks to increase experience gain rate for skills.

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I've been informed that this is intended. There is only one chance daily to block relation increase exploit.


I have been around the whole map several times, going from town to town, and I have not seen a single instance of a relation gain. Not once. Obviously, days will be passing as you travel from town to town (especially with herd penalties). That does not seem intended that it should not triggering at all. Prior versions, it would trigger quite often, but never more than once per day that I'm aware of. My observation, in this version of the game, is that it is no longer working the same way as prior version.


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Hi, thanks for reporting this issue, I was able to reproduce and fix the problem. It should be fixed with the next major update.
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