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So after adding the animations compilation to my M&B I got RGL error failed to get skeleton for run man onehanded.
Now after a while someone told me to patch my version (1.003)
BUT when i downloaded 1.011 patch It said M&B is not installed.
- Im asknig could someone link me the preious patches / link the patches necessary all together into an installer and let me choose M&B directory (As it is not installed per se currently but is on a flash drive [Backup my HD crashed and i had to get some data back])
__--Now if you know how to fix this error with the animations compilation by all means share  it (I will only update if someone does not know how to / I have to / It becomes availible)--__
~ Thanks for looking over this post and cookies to whoever can help ~
M&B is born! ` CHEERS ~
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