Patch Notes v1.2.9

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yeah, I got jaded with BL and went elsewhere. First "War on the Sea" and now Civ5. Realm of Thrones looks a great mod and latest patch to VC looks interesting but ... jaded, need to be elsewhere.

Soon Manor Lords .. :grin:
No that won't be the case.
That's really disheartening to hear. Could you at least share what is confirmed to be added to patch 1.3? When we can reasonably expect it to release to beta (it can be a vague answer like a couple of months)? Could you write about what is being planned to be done after 1.3 releases, as in, are there any other major content patches planned? Any DLCs?

We're being kept in the dark for a year at this point, please share some information that is confirmed for your playerbase to look forward to.
No that won't be the case.

Could you please link the bug report?
xd... how many people are working in TW? 1 or 2 at most? either the update's gonna be huge, or you guys are cooking up a DLC or some other big thing. it's gotta be one of those, or you're running on a team of just two folks 'cause otherwise, it doesn't make sense
It is pretty interesting. So weird to go like this for so long and it definitely invites a ton of speculation. I also saw their tweet where they said "Yes, working on it" in response to the same questions on Twitter.

It certainly sounds like pretty strained and pained responses, doesn't it?

I will choose to stay optimistic. I mean a lot of people are jumping to pretty toxic conclusions but the gaming industry has had a ton of layoffs currently and is not in a good place, so there are plenty of things that could be happening that are not good and way out of the hands of the devs and CMs on here.
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