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[...] This package in its entirety is then redownloaded by Steam. That's why a patch can end up being larger despite having minor changes.

This is one of my biggest annoyances with regard to steam :evil: I have yet to find a game that does not have this issue through steam :sad:
I haven't had many if any crashes like this while playing MM - when was this and how frequently does it happen to you?
By crashes I reffer to the server one that was posted on that picture earlier. EU server, when 1.2.7 came out on main branch, captain mode, last round ending the match, it seems pretty frequent on that rainy map with ruined castles on the side and a village in the center
Soo... 8 GB for "crashing when closing App" any news for the new update? i mean seriously its 8GB F_ing for this, this game diplomacy system suck as F. and the only one who fix it only modder and thanks for the F 8 GB update it ruin everything
Was the campaign brother character nerfed at some point? I recall being able to choose his stats and attributes. Now he has preallocated stats, attributes, and perks. Frankly he has come out rather badly. What happened? I don't have auto allocate clan perks on.
With the perk icons update, two perks on the Battanian Clan Warrior class now have the same icon, it's pretty low priority, but I figure I should still point it out
We're looking into this issue.

I haven't had many if any crashes like this while playing MM - when was this and how frequently does it happen to you?
@Duh_TaleWorlds can we get the time forward command put back in command console for testing. It's been 6-8 months since I asked for it and was told it would be looked into
You may have a computer that can manage the faster speeds. I can see on a lesser machine, that the processing of all of the events couldn't keep up and some value gets overwritten with an older value from a slower process. I'm guessing they tested 15x speed on the Minimum System Requirements and it was stable. Would you consider a mod that "uncapped" that limit?
time forward, not speed up, and @Duh_TaleWorlds is assigning points to your big brother now intended?
Would u guys like to implement a letter system? Everything in the game right now feels like chores. Feels like u dont give af about game like its 1235 thousand times i wrote about letters. IDK when will u start but right now games just feel like a battle simulator w good visuals nothing more.
As far as I remember, the time forward cap can be overridden by a mod, feel free to check if there is one.
time forward is not speed up that better time does. Time forward only moves the game to a specific time ahead. example move forward X number of hours/days. Not X 5 or X 15 faster. 2 separate commands. I think everyone got confused with the 2 different commands
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