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I fear we have a long wait for 1.3
This was fixed in january. Still not out.
You are also being asked for NEW Content, not just an update of the old one, no need to twist it
Would it be classified as new content though?

If Call of Duty released with several guns, only for one gun to actually work, would us asking them to update the game so that all guns, or a least more than one, shot bullets be classified as NEW content?

We have the "guns", we just don't have any substance to them. But we will get claimants (something that should have been in the game on release so again - not new) and it will be as much of a drip as ever as there isn't any diplomacy in the game to make it fun.

Play the game and find out?

His question is what is known as a rhetorical question. Look it up if you don't know what that means. It's a remark about how TW only release patches that fix bugs and crashes from previously released patches.

It's not his job to "play the game and find out" about all the new bugs and crashes are implemented into the game. He's the customer, not a QA. He's not going to download the new patch, leave behind his mod list, play the game in vanilla, find the bugs and crashes, report them, redownload an older version and relink the mods that make the game semi-enjoyable.

You can do that though seeing as all you do is crave acceptance and white knight a company that doesn't even repsond to your desperate defence of their ethics and morals. It's the perfect job for bootlickers.
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As we`ve stated before, yes, we are working towards future updates, which of course include new content.
And why are we so secretive of this 'future' and 'content'?
It's not like it's some new ip, non-story spoilable, non-competitive, pre-release hush, etc...This game has now been out nearing 2 years.
What possible reason is there why nothing (as in absolutely nothing) shared?

What content, what ETA? What proof that this holdback of 1.3 will solve anything? It won't, TW knows it, why it's taking so long? Only safe guess is incompetence + poor management + lack of resources.
No, i wasn't refering to this hotfix when i said that. It's a given that we are also going to continue polishing existing content.
Hey Piconi, I've seen despite the Devs still working on the game and CMs answering messages here and there, why is that SA has no answers regarding their server request? Is there any official statement regarding their status, or a why won't they get one?
As we`ve stated before, yes, we are working towards future updates, which of course include new content.
thanks, man

I'll wait for the main branch to play again then, because i'm pretty sure the bugs that annoyed me. I'm pretty sure still there, the immersion breaking things and etc. I didn't saw the fix in any patches so far
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