Patch Notes v1.0.1

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Got the stim achievement Horde Slayer just for saying hello to the horde. Bug? Maybe:smile:
He called the younger brother of the Main Hero to the squad. A message popped up saying that he would join the squad in two in-game days. Well, he immediately appointed him governor of the city. Now he is both the governor of the city and in the detachment at the same time :smile:


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Red eyes are back for me.



This is not really a bug or anything, but the Royal Destrier used to be a Noble Mount, and today I noticed it counts as a normal Mount. I think this means unit upgrades that require mounts just use Royal Destriers to upgrade with, which is very expensive.


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is it only me?
the game difficulty is constantly resetting to easy ?
It doesn't really though, it just says freebooter but all the individual setting are what you had them at. Or at least this is how it appears to me. ALso htis has been a bug since 1.8 I think SHAME :xf-mad:


Nice to see some fixes!
Here is one that must be addressed about smithing:
Still not fixed. Because TW just does not care, period.
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