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guess you removed the column widths for the scoreboard for some reason so that now everything defaults to equal percentages? this looks stupid, please fix.


Well, there is still chance that within few years some of halfway done sigils will be fixed... coughs... I mean it is 1.8.0 already.


Why do you add such a bad mechanic for cavs. Accidentally falling off a horse is the worst mechanic added in this game. I am done, nothing to add more.
weve been trying to create 2 teams of 6 for a clan match within our own clan for over 20 minutes, and all members are being disconnected at the lobby after creating squads. not only has your patch not fixed many of the problems in 1.7.2 but you've broken the game once more where we cannot even play it. With such high hopes for this game for over 10 years, at this moment in time i am extremely disappointed in its development in the past 2 years. £40 well spent.


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We are almost there!

Hey @Callum what happened to the mods section in the launcher for multiplayer? Why did you guys disabled that?

(Documents\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord\Configs\LauncherData.xml edit this xml to force load your module to multiplayer).
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  • Removed the wealth component for AI’s settlement value score calculation to make defection decisions more meaningful.
  • Decreased the AI's daily defection consideration chance to prevent AI clans from defecting to AI factions from the player's faction. (This is a temporary solution. We will continue to improve the defection feature and AI's defection score calculation.)
Doubtful about this solution but glad it is just temporary.

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Nice... But, steam can't see the damn patch on my setup. I have used all tricks to make it pop up, nothing works.. Or is it because I am from the north? Damn I am getting tired....
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