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That's why you get a prenup.
Nice joke, but I wished you guys actually took a look at the marriage and persuasion system, it really makes it feel everything bland :sad:.

Just went out a playthrough in Warband and average, not overly grindy playthroughs I get a marriage by the end of early game/mid game (when you become a lord and get your first villages/castle), because at that time I got enough relations with the lady's lord I wanted to marry, I had to actually get renown and the lord's trust, otherwise the lady would be promised to another Lord (at least that how it was in PoP). If you check the video, or any BL playthrough, you can marry instantly in the game, being a low level Merc and being allowed into a marriage seems kinda ridiculous, why would any Clan Leader allow that without a good reason.

And talking about things happening instantly: in one chat a lady decides she wants to marry you (or decides not to speak to you for the rest of your life, this is more plausible for the average redditor/forumite/4chsnner that plays this game but gameplay wise it's dumb), and then you have 1 chat with the clan leader, pay money (feels like paying for a slave) and out of nowhere: you're married (even if you're in the middle of nowhere). What happened with paying for a weddings preparations, what happened to the big feast and a tournament where almost every lord assisted? What happened with having to wait until the wedding actually happened? Marriage used to feel like an event and now it's just a boring notification on the side.
I hope you read this @Duh_TaleWorlds , I think a lot of players miss these immersion features you guys choose not to add :sad: I really don't get why these things get overlooked by the team
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Marriage, except the part of persuasion, is just a trade transaction.
You don't even need to persuade if the one you are trying to marry is first one to be married in his/her clan, e.g. Silvind against her sister Odofled. If you wanna marry Silvind just go to Calatild and do the trade. However, if your goal is Odofled in this example, then you need to persuade her because normally she should be married after Silvind.


I updated the game to 1.7.2, but for some reason the launcher doesn't open? I've tried everything, but nothing working.


I updated the game to 1.7.2, but for some reason the launcher doesn't open? I've tried everything, but nothing working.
Trying everything included verifying integrity of game files? If not, I recommend doing that. (if you are on steam, hopefully)


is it just me or is anyone else having issues trying to start up the game its all vinilla etc and when I try to start up the game it gives me a crash error? has anyone else experienced it?
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