Patch Notes e1.5.9

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Crash fixes, code refactoring and performance, new scenes, lots of UI stuff! (and more difficulty options :eek:). Troop spawning improvements (I recon it might finally fix the troops spawning on top of a mountain and falling to their deaths?). Some siege fixes, lovely lovely.

"Removed the character level effect when calculating the learning rate. Increasing the character level now no longer reduces the learning rates.". THANK YOU. OMG <3 <3 @AnandaShanti and more will be very happy about this as well. Finally no more punishment for leveling up!

Honestly, so much good stuff! It's hard to read through everything, but just hurried my eyes on the page a little. Thank you for your continuous hard work!

[the only thing that I don't completely disagree with but maybe is not my favorite at a first glance is nerfing throwing weapons again for multiplayer. Again the skirmish players complaining about them made the devs give them a general nerf? Nobody will play throwing weapons in sieges anymore at this pace... I hope for two-handed nerfs in the future too at least, because going at this pace they are the easiest weapon to use and most overpowered and can one-shot people... Nerf two-handed and I won't call it a bias!]

Thanks again!


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This is not a bug people. Its a gameplay decision by TW. They made duel versions of the skirmishes and captain modes. They just forgot to change their names.

lol jk. Hope it gets fixed soon.


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i shared old(stable) gallows last week.. Now, look at this ?functional? gallows..



Haven’t been posting here for around a year, but today just wanted to claim that after +1500 hrs imo 1.5.9 with 48 mods is finally playable.

just don’t try it without mods 😉
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