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Greetings warriors of Calradia!

Today, we are moving the current beta branch to our main Steam branch. Below you will find the original changes included in the beta branch, our previous hotfixes to the beta branch as well as some additional changes that we have done since.

Native: e1.4.2
SandboxCore: e1.4.2
Sandbox: e1.4.2
Storymode: e1.4.2
CustomBattle: e1.4.2

Latest Changes:
  • Fixed a crash related to annexation decisions initiated by the AI.
  • Fixed a crash related to kingdom strength calculations.
  • Some localisation related fixes.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented leave punishments from applying to parties.
  • VAC banned players will now see a different login error.
  • Fixed a possible cause of player names not being shown on Bannerlord friend list. Please report to us if you still encounter this issue.
  • Bannerlord friend list will now be loaded upon login.
  • Fixed a Captain mode bug that prevented additional armour perks from applying to AI troops.

Previous Beta Hotfixes:
  • A crash caused by a stillborn child was resolved.
  • A problem with being unable to name a twin has been fixed.
  • Three perks (chink in the armor, show of strength and generous rations) were causing negative troop prices. This is fixed.
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to become stuck in the defection persuasion conversation.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when Needs Help with Looter quest ended.
  • Fixed an issue that caused automated kingdom decisions for player mercenaries.
  • Fixed an issue with combat tips and raise the meek perks relating to a miscalculated passive XP gain.
  • Fixed and balanced an inflation issue with item prices.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a crash when the player participated in war and peace decisions.

Initial Beta Changelog:

  • Fixed a rare tournament crash.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when a hero had reached the maximum number of perks & focus points.
  • Fixed a crash caused by upgrading settlement projects.
  • Fixed a crash which occurred after closing the Town Menu or Encyclopedia Screen.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when the Army of Poachers and Family Feud quest villages were the same village.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred for the Chinese localisation.
Save & Load
  • Save file compression was optimized by around 80%.
  • Increased the number of autosave files to 3.
  • Punctuation fixes and corrections for some texts.
  • Turkish translation updates.
  • Fixed some snow texture issues in Khuzait villages.
  • Various model/material and texture improvements for campaign map icons.
  • Clan Screen
    • Moved clan member role assignments from parties tab to members tab. Now players can assign roles to clan members, specific to parties that they're in.
    • Players can now rename their family members in the clan members tab.
    • Fiefs tab now shows Towns and Castles in different lists and contains bound settlements, notables in the settlements.
    • The Parties tab now lists the amounts of each troop type that a party currently has.
    • The Other tab now shows more detailed information about workshops owned.
  • Shift and Control modifiers now work with both left and right side keys in inventory and party screen.
  • Added missing One-Handed and Two-Handed perk icons.
  • Fixed Kingdom decision popup behaviour for rulers.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the likelihood percentage value next to the propose button to show incorrect values.
  • Fixed localisation issues in the Custom Battle screen.
  • Fixed some texts not updating to the correct language on language setting change.
  • Fixed execution popup visual error.
  • Fixed a UI problem where wanderers in enemy towns are shown as red.
Character Development System
  • All polearm skill perks which are related to combat were re-implemented/fixed.
  • Fixed charm, leadership, trade & medicine perk bugs.
  • Implemented secondary effects of two-handed perks.
  • Implemented secondary effects of polearm perks.
  • Fixed a false effect of smithing perks.
  • Fixed issues with the one-handed & two-handed perks.
Clan and Party
  • Minor faction leaders were gaining too much money and their expenses were very low and this was causing gold inflation. This was fixed.
Kingdoms and Diplomacy
  • Fixed an issue with the behaviour of safe passage deals when the player is in a besieged settlement.
  • Settlement Actions (Town, Village, Castle and Hideout)
  • Relation loss that occurs when a village is raided is no longer spammable and it is now proportional to the amount of damage caused to the village. Players will still lose a fixed (but reduced) relation amount with village notables and the owning clan's leader when they initiate a war by raiding the village during peacetime.
Quests & Issues
  • New quest "Scout Enemy Garrison" added.
  • Balanced rewards and requirements of Artisan Overpriced Goods, Artisan Can't Sell Product at A Fair Price, Gang Leader Needs to Offload Stolen Goods, and Deliver the Herd Quests.
  • Landlord Needs Access to Village Commons
    • Quest design was changed. (Old active quests will be cancelled when a game is loaded.)
  • Family Feud Quest
    • Fixed a bug that occurred when the culprit (quest character) became a prisoner.
    • Added/Changed quest logs.
  • Army of Poachers Quest
    • Fixed a bug that caused the quest to be stuck if the player retreated from the poacher battle.
  • Lord/Lady Needs Tutor Quest
    • Fixed a bug that occurred if the player married a quest character.
    • Added new quest log.
  • Need help with Bandits Quest
    • Valid hideout distance and valid party radius values for were tweaked.
Conversations & Encounters
  • Improvement for player look algorithm in conversation.
  • Added a conversation option with non-hostile vassals which are in an army without joining the faction that they are in.
  • Ensured that characters whom the player meets in a quest recognise the player later. Expands comments on game actions.
  • Townspeople and villagers should now comment on available issues and quests.
  • New Noble Weapons have been made and distributed amongst the fellow lords of Calradia.
  • Caravan Guards, Veteran Caravan Guards and Armed Traders have better stats now which will make attacking caravans a little bit harder.
  • Fixed an issue with agent orientation in hideout boss fight.
  • Skins xml is now moddable.
  • Fixed a bug where the player could take dead lords as prisoners. This should also fix dead heroes from spawning with new parties.
  • Developer console can be enabled now by pressing ALT + ~
Game Modes
  • Siege tower ramp sync was broken for players who connect to a server after the ramp opened.
Server & Network
  • Fixed a rare crash on changing game type or region.
  • An issue causing crashes on MP login will now show a warning instead. We are still investigating this issue.
  • Added an in-game reporting system with detailed game and chat logs. You can report other players from scoreboard or recent games.
  • Fixed a visual glitch where the clients see their characters stuck in guard stance after getting stunned with a push back while defending.
  • Added defender and attacker icons to class loadout screen in siege mode.
  • Fixed inconsistent placement of scoreboard sides while the player is spectating.
  • Major GPU Buffer memory reduction and GPU performance improvements.
  • Fixed stuttering issues when a resource loaded during gameplay.
  • Reduced GPU memory usage of the Flora System.
  • Punctual light shadow rendering performance improvements.
  • Fixed a bug that prevents the late attack direction selection (that is made after readying starts) if both attack and defend keys were pressed at the same time beforehand. This also caused clients to see wrong attack animations on their characters when the same case is generated.
  • Separated the refresh rate option from the resolution and added aspect ratio values next to the resolutions.
  • Fixed some text calculation errors.
  • Shield physics bodies on back are corrected.
  • Crouching is prevented during an attack in order to prevent unwanted stance switches.
  • Singleplayer and multiplayer now use different version numbers.
  • Fixed issues about usernames with non-ASCII characters.
Known Issues


Hotfix (e1.4.2 - 28/07/20)
  • Fixed a bug that caused garrison wages to be excessive for a short period of time upon taking control of a settlement.
  • Fixed a bug that caused sieges and raids to automatically succeed for the attackers.
  • Fixed a crash in Skirmish.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to mount a horse that was despawning.
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I often use alt + tilde. now with this combination he console opens in multiplayer. how can i remove it or disable it?


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There seems to be a bug in character creation. Character always starts with 0 renown even after selecting "defeated enemy" which should give 20.

Sorry wrong thread. this is in 1.4.3 beta.
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I mean I have that set to 0, no mods installed and I could just open said console in a Skirmish match... :fruity:

Already asked on the other thread, but why is the update like 16.7 GB?


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I will report it to the devs and see if they have any info on it.

(And I replied in the other thread.)

Edit: It is quite possibly a bug, they are checking the code now.


The latest version should be available on Epic Games Store shortly (if it isn't there already).

But I think the wording might be a little confusing there because we don't have a beta branch on Epic.

I simply do NOT understand the versioning ... at least on STEAM. I did a completely new download this morning (EST, U.S.) and opted OUT of the beta. The downloaded game shows version e1.4.2. 235840.

The 1.4.3 notes on Steam shows that 1.4.3 is a 'beta patch'
So, question, when will 1.4.3 be a 'main branch'? Must I opt into the betas on steam to get a 1.4.3 game?
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