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Greetings warriors of Calradia!

Today, we are moving the current beta branch to our main Steam branch. Below you will find the original changes included in the beta branch, our previous hotfixes to the beta branch as well as some additional changes that we have done since.


Native: e1.4.1
SandboxCore: e1.4.1
Sandbox: e1.4.1
Storymode: e1.4.1
CustomBattle: e1.4.1

Latest Changes:
  • We changed price colouring to work according to world averages instead of default prices of items. If an item is 30% or more above the world average it is coloured red. If it is 20% or more below the item's world average price it is coloured green.
  • Fixed a bug that caused mercenaries to pay tributes or expenses to/for other mercenaries
  • Added a fix to remove duplicate kingdom stances that had already been saved.
  • Peace barter initialization parameters have been fixed
  • Town prices now model purchases made by caravans and other parties while determining supply and demand.
  • Fixed an issue where players who created kingdoms had to pay influence cost for decisions even when there were no other clans to overrule.
Previous Beta Hotfixes:

  • Fixed the campaign map defender siege engine positions for the level 2 version of Medeni castle. This should resolve crashing for cases where the player initiates a siege against a level 2 version of the castle.
  • Fixed an issue that caused corrupted save files to crash the game on load screen.
  • Fixed an issue with the final perk of the 1-handed and 2-handed skills.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the diplomacy system to have multiple relations between kingdom pairs. This should alleviate some problems with short war and truce periods.
  • On average about 30% of towns and 50% of castles were experiencing issues with starvation. To improve this situation, settlements with less food now offer higher prices so caravans distribute food better. Village food production was also increased from 4/8/12 to 5/10/15 and consumption of beer in settlements now gives a bonus to food stores. Furthermore, garrisons grow to a lesser degree if a settlement has fewer or smaller villages. With these changes starvation was reduced to 10% of towns and 20% of castles - which mostly occurs in cases of hostile actions like raids and sieges.
  • Influence awards of some policies were adjusted to reduce influence inflation across kingdoms.
  • Effects of daily default projects for settlements were reduced.
  • Several minor fixes for AI war and peace declarations.
  • Fixed an issue that blocked the AI from declaring wars normally. It is now no longer locked to the player entering the diplomacy screen.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed your faction to make peace without your vote.
  • AI should be more likely to declare peace if the war is taking a long time.
  • Fixed an issue that caused several policies to be activated when the player is a mercenary and goes to the kingdom screen for the first time.
  • Disabled the "leave kingdom" button in the clan screen for player kings for the time being as it caused crashes after some time.
  • Reintroduced a minimum truce period of 20 days for AI kingdoms.
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to get stuck when they accepted a peace decision while in a siege event.
  • Fixed an issue that caused AI rulers to miscalculate influence cost vs benefit when overriding a popular vote.
  • Fixed an issue that caused automated kingdom decisions for mercenary players.
  • The influence cost for the ruler to override the popular vote in a kingdom decision is now calculated differently. Players will be able to spend the decision's normal cost for up to 3 points of difference or "votes". They will have to spend the decision's max cost for any additional points of difference. (To elaborate further - the options associated with influence costs in a kingdom decision represent votes. So f.e. in a decision with the costs 10 / 40 / 100, choosing the 100 option amounts to 3 points or votes. If you are a king and want to overrule a popular vote that surpasses the alternative by 5 points / votes, your cost will amount to 100 (for the first 3 votes) plus another 2 x 100 (for the additional points of difference).
  • Fixed a rare crash on the campaign map regarding village items.
  • Fixed a crash related to newly spawned caravans.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when trying to talk with a companion while inside hideouts.
  • Fixed an issue with missing dialogues for supporting a kingdom in the main storyline after loading which blocked progression.
  • Fixed a client crash on crowded servers when the amount of created weapons in the environment exceeded a certain threshold.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when kingdoms declare war while the "Company of Trouble" quest was active.
  • Fixed a rare crash that occurred when clicking done in the simulation battle result screen.
  • Fixed a rare crash that happened while talking to a companion.
  • Kingdom tributes are now paid daily rather than one-time.
    • Kingdom tribute payments are shared between clans as follows:
      • Each regular clan has 1 share and ruling clan has 4 shares
      • Every town adds 3 shares
      • Each castle adds 1 share
  • Added a fix for the Player's King's Decision.
  • The AI now leaves less garrison to settlements with low prosperity. This should improve problems with starvation.
  • We spotted a 3x inflation for hearths over 15 game years. The daily hearth increase for villages was changed to 0.5 from 1.
  • Fixed some visual bugs on the Baravenos Encirclement and Xauna MP scenes.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred after colliding with an entity while falling with a camel.
  • Fixed a rare crash that happened when an agent was blocking and the weapon state for that agent was not fully synced.
  • Fixed a rare crash that occurred when showing the battle results of simulated battles.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when war was declared between a quest giver's and the player's kingdoms while the Company of Trouble quest is active.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when talking to army members after a successful siege.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred while passing time on the campaign map.
  • Fixed a rare crash that happened when a specific caravan spawned for notables.
  • Fixed a bug that caused NPC parties to raid Tevea village very frequently.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when Gang Leader Needs Weapons and Rival Gang Moving In quests were active at the same time.
  • Fixed a rare crash that occurred when ticking daily game events.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when fully completing skill focuses.
  • Fixed a crash that happened when an agent entity was changed in battle-
  • Fixed a crash during kingdom creation through clan screen.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when Family Feud and Army of Poachers quest were active at the same time.

Initial Beta Changelog:


  • Fixed a crash that occurs on the campaign map at different times.
  • Fixed a rare crash for encounter menus.
  • Fixed a rare crash when entering a tournament.
  • Fixed a rare crash that occurred when trying to activate the Army of Poachers quest.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred after Save&Load when the player is inside the training field with a companion.
  • Fixed a rare crash that occurred when trying to talk with army members that are inside an army that the player is leading.
  • Fixed a bug that leads to a crash in the Army of Poachers quest if the player retreats from the quest battle.
  • Fixed a crash which could happen during scene entry or exit.
  • Fixed a rare crash with the main storyline.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when prisoners were transferred to bandit parties through barter.
  • Increased performance / disabled auto-saving game on exiting the game.
Save & Load
  • Added functionality to update party and map event positions to support save games in cases where the main map has changed.
  • Additional Chinese translations and translation fixes.
  • Turkish translation updates.
  • Fixed some chairs inside khuzait level 2 keep.
  • Added new dynamic barriers for AI and indestructible merlons to an Empire castle, Sturgeon town and Vlandian city.
  • New keep and village banners for factions have been added.
  • Some beards have been retouched and cleaned, LODs added.
  • Added 2 new sturgian armours.
  • Updated some Aserai civil clothes textures.
  • Fixed a cloth simulation mesh bug.
  • Khans Guard cloth simulation tweaked.
  • Lancer Armor cloth simulation tweaked.
  • Fixed AI spawn points and some season issues on Battanian villages.
  • Fixed some navigation mesh issues on sturgian villages.
  • Fixed visual issues on various prefab meshes such as village houses, stairs, etc .
  • Fixed Holster physics.
  • The scene of Pen Cannoc has been changed according to the city's location on the map.
  • Some interior scenes were corrected in accordance with the culture and level of the settlements.
  • Fixed skinning problem (or visual glitches) on one of the civilian dresses.
  • Added 5 new battania shields.
  • Added new main map attack animation.
  • Added three new music tracks for the campaign mode.
  • Minor updates for existing campaign mode tracks.
  • Changes
    • User Interface for Sandbox Kingdom creation
    • A new shortcut, "Left Ctrl" (like Left Shift) has been added to affect the entire stack with the action (e.g Transfer, Upgrade etc.)
    • Added new images for map notification circles, settlement owner changed and siege underway.
    • Barter auto offer button will turn green if the current status of the barter is acceptable.
    • "Army Created" map notification inspection and Kingdom army "show on map" button now will directly focus on the army, if that army is currently visible on the map, instead of showing the army's target.
  • Fixes
    • Now non-traded item prices in inventory are updated correctly. i.e. If the player sold a horse, only that horse's price would be updated but the market price for the same category horses would also change but not shown. This didn't result in any miscalculation of the total cost of the transaction, it was purely visual and it's now fixed.
    • Fixed character visual blocking the selection for perks over 275 skill level in character developer in some aspect ratios.
    • Fixed perks vertical and horizontal placements in character developer in non 16:9 aspect ratios.
    • Fixed vertical placement of the game menu in non 16:9 aspect ratios.
    • Fixed map event tooltips showing wrong colors for the map event sides.
    • Fixed a bug that caused map event icons being shown below the map
    • Fixed a bug that caused kingdom decision map notification item not getting removed after leaving a kingdom
Battles and Sieges
  • Auto Calculation Improvements
  • Troop formation spawn positions did not match formation movement targets at the beginning of missions. This was fixed.
  • Players can now give formation arrangement orders (shield wall, etc.) at the beginning of missions. Such orders will now override the default stop order.
  • Due to a bug in hideouts the empty formations in the player's team were not under the player's control and therefore, when troops were transferred, they couldn't be controlled anymore. This was fixed.
  • The main agent and other lords now preserve their level of detail when they die in a mission.
Combat AI
  • In certain siege scenes, troops would start running between two siege towers instead of climbing. This issue was resolved and major improvements were made about the problems in pathfinding over siege towers and climbing ladders (especially ladders of siege towers).
  • Increased the distance between friendly troops. This improves the spacing inside combat and reduces friendly troops hindering themselves
Character Development System
  • Major changes and fixes have been made for two-handed skill perks.
  • Added secondary effects of one-handed perks.
  • Fixed charm, leadership, trade & medicine perk bugs.
  • Fixed a problem where it was not possible to select newly changed perks in older save files.
  • Fixed a perk exploit that caused huge troop experience gain.
Clan and Party
  • Added 160+ ladies and a few young male lords to the clans.
  • Fixed a bug where the player's banner was not visible before clan tier 2.
  • Heroes can now marry after age 45.
  • NPC parties now also visit neutral towns and villages to recruit and buy food.
  • Disabled defection behaviour for NPCs that are in armies.
Kingdoms and Diplomacy
  • Implemented War and Peace Kingdom Decisions that are accessible from the Kingdom Diplomacy Screen. Kingdom Decisions now show support for all types of decisions.
  • Implemented Sandbox Kingdom Creation, which is possible through the clan screen and not dependent on the main storyline. Players need to have at least 1 settlement and a tier 4 clan. Then players can select their kingdom's culture (consisting of their settlements' culture or their own clan's culture), select their initial policies (up to 4) and, finally, select the name for their new Kingdom.
  • Fixed a bug where traits and skills did not affect persuasion chances.
  • Fixed a bug where safe passages that were previously agreed upon were not working as intended after the game was loaded.
Settlement Actions (Town, Village, Castle and Hideout)
  • Fixed a bug that caused a "Capture the Enemy" menu button to be activated after raiding a village.
  • When we request a meeting from the outside of a castle or settlement, every noble will now be on the list of accessible characters.
  • Players can now recruit mercenaries from the tavern menu.
Quests & Issues
  • Implemented a new quest. Lord parties will ask the player to bring horses (or camels) when they don't have enough mounts for their troops on foot.
  • Adjusted the Extortion By Deserters Quest difficulty. The settlement defender party spawned during Extortion By Deserters quest now uses the default militia template of the settlement's culture. The Deserter party will no longer disappear when the Extortion By Deserters Quest ends but rather becomes a regular bandit party. Added new notifications to the Extortion By Deserters quest to make it easier for the player to complete the quest.
  • Fixed the face key of the Spy Among Us quest character "Confident Contender".
  • Fixed a bug with the Rival Gang Leader quest where the troop selection screen for the companion solution was populated with prisoners only.
  • Fixed a bug that caused players to get stuck in dialogues of main storyline quests.
Conversations & Encounters
  • Fixed a rare bug that caused an infinite dialogue loop after barter.
  • Fixed a bug that caused resetting the amount of gold that is carried in a caravan after a trade.
  • Fixed a few minor issues in the Rival Gang Leader quest.
  • Armours and armour types on faction troops have been redistributed in order to improve unit balance based on tiers.
  • Shields were redistributed for faction troops based on their new hit points and values. New Battanian shields have been added to the Battanian Faction Troops. Some units doing too well or too poorly on play tests have been slightly optimized stat-wise.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes allowed the camera to clip into walls in khuzait dungeons.
  • An NPC was added to the ranged tutorial area.
  • Fixed a bug that causes some thrones to be unusable.
  • Fixed a bug that causes some child NPC's to fly.
  • When a hideout is cleared, the surrounding bandit parties get new ai so the probability of reinfesting the same hideout decreases.
  • Uncovered and fixed an extremely rare bug where the game would tick while it was paused.


Map Related
  • “Tsagaan Castle” new TDM map which has a Khuzait theme.
  • "Baravenos Encirclement (Siege):
    • Rearranged defender spawn positions to avoid them being locked out. Removed a side gate/entrance. Added a destructible gate in front of the last flag.
    • Overhauled the right side of the castle. The Tunnel entrance is now more obvious and changed the way to get up to the top wall from the siege tower.
    • Visual improvements (also changed the season to spring); Many performance improvements
  • Xauna (Skirmish):
    • Completely overhauled the main building. Overall simplified the layout and spawn areas. Added more cover to the middle part of the map.
Server & Network
  • Added match history to social tab. Players can look through information about their 10 last played games. This information includes winner, score, factions, map, game type and players in the match. This feature is completely client-side so deleting your game files might cause you to lose your match history.
  • Improved Friends panel. Added in-game friends feature that allows you to add other players as friends in the game. You can add players from your recent games as friends.
  • Changes
    • Implemented a new loading screen for Multiplayer. Now while the game is loading, players will be able to see the game mode, map's name and a summary of the game mode while in the loading screen.
  • Fixes
    • Fixed estimated video memory usage bar not being visible in MP options in some cases.
    • Fixed couchable usage icon in MP


  • Fixed a rare crash in big battles.
  • Fixed a rare crash related to asset loading.
  • Major CPU performance improvements in the UI system. (Especially on multi-core machines)
  • Fixed a rare file read issue which could cause the game to try to allocate billions of bytes to memory.
  • Improved multi-core usage of the game.
  • Physics performance improvements - especially in siege scenes.
  • Improved garbage collection and fragmentation.
  • The majority of the managed garbage collector spikes during big battles were eliminated
  • Optimized the rendering of corpses.
  • Due to frame stutters, some particles were skewing unrealistically (e.g. dust particles generated by horses). This was fixed.
  • Added New rider idle animations.
  • New stand idles added for camel and its rider.
  • Added new damage reaction animations for camels.
Battles & Sieges
  • Fixed a problem related to corpses hanging in the air.
Combat AI
  • Enabled charging agents to move together in formation. Both cavalry and infantry troops in formation now tend to stay in line while charging at the enemy. Cavalry formations will try to regroup before charging back, if the formation is intact.
  • Changes
    • Improved Asian language text parsers. Now line breaks will be consistent with the language's line break rules.
    • Gauntlet text parser now supports the zero-width-space character
  • Fixes
    • Fixed dependency sorting of modules in the launcher.
    • Fixed text input areas not showing characters in the correct language font, making every character show-up as question marks.
  • Fixed a visual glitch on clients where the lance is flipped like a javelin when the alternative usage is toggled soon after a couched lance collision happens.
  • Fixed rendering of some shields that appeared white.
  • Added spark particles for parry and chamber blocks.
Known Issues


Hotfix (e1.4.1 - 05/06/20)
  • Added Team Deathmatch Loading Screens.
  • Siege warm-up time decreased to 6 mins.
  • Players can now add friends from the in-game scoreboard.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred in the story tutorial.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred in custom battle.


Hotfix (e1.4.1 - 09/06/20)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur during the daily tick.
  • Xauna scene fixes
    • Fixed barriers around:
      • The outside of the map
      • The outside of many buildings and fenced areas
  • Fixed a server-side crash that occurred when players were walking/being pushed to walls and stairs.


Hotfix (e1.4.1 - 11/06/20)
  • A bug that caused conversations to freeze was fixed.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when the player clicked on encyclopedia avatars.


Hotfix (e1.4.1 - 01/07/20)
  • You can now add multiplayer friends through their Bannerlord ID.
    • Added in-game username system called Bannerlord ID. You can choose a username for yourself under the Social tab. Players are given a random username on login if they don't have one. Usernames should be between 5-30 characters and only letters are allowed.
  • Minor serverside improvements.
  • Fixed a bug that caused 6-player parties to be removed from the Siege pool if they haven't been on queue for 3 minutes.
  • Fixed Custom Games not having auto team balance.
  • Fixed barriers to prevent players go out of bounds or phase into objects (like walls, boxes etc.).
  • Fixed a bug that makes the player able to speak to a notable with "request a meeting with someone" menu button.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when asking tavern keeper for available quests.
  • Fixed a bug caused specific games to be created twice.
  • Fixed an error that caused the player to be able to propose war/peace decisions while being under a mercenary contract.
  • Minor bugfix with Kingdom Decision system.
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I can tell you that 1.4.0 and 1.4.1 are pretty much two different games.

Both are broken AF but the latter is slightly less broken.


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Can't log into MP anymore.
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Nice, after 1 month away from Bannerlord playing Total War is time to come back again! (I alrady have more than 170hrs in Bannerlord)! Excited to see how the game feels now!

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I don't think it will need a rollback but I am not the right guy to answer that question. Players seem to login but some of them are still having problems.


I've tried so many different avenues in order to continue playing multiplayer and nothing seems to work. I still can not log back into multi-player. In a red zone area for covid-19. I can not go outside. I have no work, no people to hang out with. No movies to watch comfortably. This game has become my safety blanket. This is not the first time that a new update has tortured me by locking me out due to some technical issues. Is there any way that anyone on the taleworlds team could please help?


Still no mp changes, just **** that isnt needed... you really couldnt care less about mp.
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