patch 1.4.1 city management issue after food balancing

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- I am facing food problems I never knew before (I noticed my orchard 3 disappeared)
- Wages skyrocketed for my 210 mixed-tiers troops (-6500 denars/day). In the meantime, they generate +1000 denars/day
- One of my village ( not looted) doesn't provide any tax income. The other one is fine.
- "Forum 3" generates just enough influence (+1) to counterbalance the "law speakers". It used to be +3/day

I don't think this is the intended behavior

How to Reproduce: Play as a vassal of Southern Imperial
Quest/Settlement Name: Jalmarys
Version: 1.4.1 main
Installed community-made modifications: none
Computer Specs
: not related to technical issue
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