EU TDM Completed PAST EVENT: Raid on Deriad (Wednesday, 24 February)

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In the midst of this harsh winter, a large force of Sturgian ships have been spotted off the northern coasts. The raiding party is now fast approaching the small isle of deriad. With great speed, the local Vlandian lord has called his bannermen and rallied his troops to defend his land. The ruthless Sturgians have come to plunder, enslave and pillage but the local Vlandians are ready to greet them with swords and arrows.

We have the pleasure to announce a new organised event. Our goal is to offer a massive organised battle based on historical medieval warfare and formations. We aim to recreate something similar to Vikingr events or previous historical events on Native, as much as possible given the current state of the multiplayer.

Wednesday 24 February, 9pm CET (8pm GMT). The server will be named "Raid on Deriad". The password will be handed directly to the clan leaders via Steam at the beginning of the event.


It will take place on a Captain mode's map with deathmatch mode enabled. Players will first regroup without fighting and form two big lines (2 or 3 men deep), each divided into three battles. Once ready they will get close to one another and start exchanging blows, without breaking the formation as much as possible. When one side has been defeated, each side will regroup back at their spawn and allow new reinforcements into the battles, then they will come face to face and fight again. This will repeat until the timer or enemy lives will be depleted. Please, this is illustrated in figures 1, 2, 3 below.

Round Preparation​

Figure 1. Upon spawning, players regroup first in their respective battle. They do not leave the area until told so by the organisers in the Steam group chat.​

Figure 1. Once the organisers have indicated the begining of the round, the battles form a coherent line or column to move towards the ennemy.​

Figure 3. Once in formation, the two opposing lines are free to clash with one another.​


Please, note that the current event is full as we have opted to contact potential participants directly beforehand. However, if the event is a success we will offer new slots for future dates.

Royaume de Bretonnie (20 men)​

Royaume de Bretonnie (20 men)​

Compagnie d'Ourche (20 men)​


Roman Empire (20 men)​

XIIIth Tagma (20 men)​

Légion du Cerbère (20 men)​

Please note, this will be an organised event, therefore some rules apply. It is required for all participants to know these rules, as any failure to observe them will result in a kick from the event, please find them listed below:​

  • Organisation rules
    • The usual community rules must be followed. It implies of course that any form of voluntary teamkilling, trolling and insulting will be punished.
    • Do not spread the password outside your discord/teamspeak channel or your own clan.
    • Slots are only distributed by units of 20 players. Inform the admins beforehand if you should fail to muster enough men. A battle (group) consists of a minimum of 20 people, in case of lack of players, it will be merged with another. Participation in the event is a serious commitment however and if the issue repeats itself, we reserve the right to replace the said clan with another.
    • Each unit of 20 men is allowed 4 archers. The rest should play melee infantry.
  • Battle rules
    • Battle formations must be respected. Players must not break the line or try to bypass the enemy alone or in a small group or undertake wide flanking mouvements. Every player must stay in formation until it’s broken down by the enemy.
    • Archers must stay close to the infantry at all times.
    • Dismounted horsemen should try to join the rest of the infantry if they are not in a fight.
    • After you have died in battle, do not enter the melee again, but wait on the sides for order to reinforce the lines.

✔️ Allowed formations and tactics ✔️
❌ Disallowed formation and tactics ❌

For any questions regarding the event that hasn't been addressed by this thread, you can post on this thread, in the organiser’s steam chat or directly contact me on Steam or via PM.
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La Légion du Cerbère will join this event.

We have read and we agree with the rules.

Thanks for organizing

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I understand. We are currently trying along with other clans to do more of the organisation together and design a system of rota to give every clan the opporunity to participate and to avoid having the same clans taking all the slots all the time.

However to clarify, while it may seems like this particular event is newly organised, it has been on the works on our side since the end of December. We had to make sure everything was running smoothly for our first test event, that is why open applications would have been a risk. We will do things differently if we have the priviledge to organise more events in the future.

[BRE] Roudrac

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First of all, a big thank you to Taleworlds for providing the server for the event and @Dejan for his help and excellent support before and throughout the event. Thank you to all the clans who fought in yesteray's event, I want to thank the clan leaders especially for their cooperation. It was a real pleasure.
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