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AI "cheats" and spawns with a small party after defeat. This is fine and needed so they don't get cought by minor loorers when recruiting again. But I´d like it to cost them something.

In castles and towns you own, you could draft a portion of soldiers from the militia, transforming it to faction-soldies.

Let´s say you draft 25 militias, your militia count is reduced by 25 and you get 25 random regulars, T1-T3 of holding-culture added to your party.

It costs you [QNT] x 50 gold and [QNT] x 5 influence.

AI will allways use this to get it´s parties re-started. They will refill up to 30% of partysize.

How to box this?

My idea is a slider, 0-25(?). This option can only be used once/week(?) from each holding()

(Continuation - upgrades in holding differentizing the output. It´s examples: Castles can have an upgrade that adds 5 T4(1/5 recruited militias), settlements can have an upgrade that adds 15 free T1(3/5 recruited militias).)

The option is locked if garrison is above 50% full.
Obviously you need the gold and manpower to do it. But I think AI at least needs to be allowed to go negative in influence.

Maybe we need to double the influence cost and require it to not go negative from second time/week for players to not abuse this feature when having multiple holdings?

AI clans with no holdings? They can do this in their rulers holdings!

This would make militia a source of manpower and make AI lose some more in loosing battles. It also makes the player able to "bounce" in a simelar way AI do(except we need to travel to our homebase area)
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