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Summary: Suddenly my party size more than halves, my wages increase by 5000ish and I lose my banner/troop count from the campaign map.

In my case it seems to be caused by the mod Fourberie but having reported it as a bug on Nexus, the mod author reckons it's an issue with the base code and I am aware of others reporting a bug where party size is suddenly reduced to 20 (Inc on this forum).

I have just recreated it in a new campaign and worked out what it is caused by. It happens when I click on the hangout button in the main base (Fourberie). I don't even need to transfer troops just click into and out of. At that point, my party size goes from 50 to 20, my wages go up 5000ish (with a new wage entry called "Srdjan" Party Party wages) and I lose the icons on the campaign map. I do have other mods running but no cheats.

On a previous instance of the bug I also had an extra companion (5th of 4) who I couldn't get rid of.


I appreciate in my case it appears to be mod related and so you may not look into it but as there are similar issues, perhaps this data will help. I have save if need be.

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We are aware of this issue and the fix for this will be pushed with the next hotfix. This is due to a bug on the party screen where the player somehow can change the party leader when it is not supposed to. There is a workaround to fix it though. Either you can surrender an encounter with an enemy party or a failed sneak attempt to an enemy city will fix this issue.
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