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No, I didn't use any mods.
How to Reproduce: Assign some of your companies to party roles, after a while or reload of the game the roles are again unassigned. It becomes a hassle to check for it once in a while
Have you used cheats and if so which: No

Well known bug, happens anytime you change the party composition, including sort, promotion, drag and drop reorder, companion hits a skill milestone. Literally wanted to throw my computer the other night it happened like 30 times in a row just trying to organize a garrison.
Usually how long does it take from finding a bug with big effect on the game untill there is a hotfix?
"this issue is fixed and the fix will be applied with further patches"

I hope it is worthy of a hotfix!
The fix included in the hotfix did not fix the issue. But I've been informed that this bug is fixed and the fix will be sent to the game with future patches. Thanks for reporting and sorry for any inconvenience!
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