Party Leader swap


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Well, I didn't read the known issues about using your companion 2x in a row will make him your party leader until after the fact.

I notice it happen when I ran out out food after combat, it got rid of my stuff ( or to be more accurate it swap to the companion empty items) and my companion is now listed first above my hero.

  Manage to fix by entering combat and switching to my main character but after combat it made a clone of that companion and got rid of my hero.

I try to exit and restart but I had already save after the swap and my hero is no more.

Is it possible to save my character or get him to return or am I SOL on getting him back.

P.S. After the swap I fought in a siege ( as defense) and my companion clone came to battle on his Warhorse in front of the hole the attackers must come in at. I thought it was funny to see him defend the castle on horseback but afterward I lost my clone even going back to the save game prior to the siege.