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Parting Ways!

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I don't know you properly but I've always liked you.I remember the day we duelled (Actually you wrote me accidentally :lol: ) .
Best of luck.


French Toast
Was far to agree with all the decisions you have been taking for the competitive community, especially in its last stage but I've no doubt all you did was in the interest of the community and you only wished the best for it.

Good luck moving forward Frank and thanks for everything.


:smile: :smile: We are sorry to see you go, Valued UserTM FrankElliott formerly of Ankara, Turkey. :smile: :smile: However :smile: I must raise objections to your avatar :smile: :smile: as the Device (which my colleagues inform me is called a 'microfome') located near your oral orifice :smile: is decidedly phallic. If a 13 year old cannot look at your Avatar it should not be on this site :smile: :smile: I am sure you understand :smile:
You did a lot for the community Frank. Thank you for all the work you put in the Mount & Blade franchise.


WilySly said:
I don't think anyone can argue that you've had a tremendous impact on the game and the development of this community.

An extremely negative impact on not only the community but the entire franchise and possibly its future.


Python Saint
Bent said:

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    31-07-2017, 17:31:50

must really love to  post in the same thread again and again  :mrgreen:

In other news, BREXIT at TW. More news soon (tm).

Lust don't forget to post MP videos from Bannerlord, we all know you want to!

Finally: good luck on your next project! Damn you are just 25, you are still a kid! Enjoy your vacation and the parties back at your home town!

The consequence of Brexit and a bad omen for a Bannerlord release date - he would have waited for it if it was anytime soon.
Despite his single-minded care for competitive multiplayer only, it's harsh to judge Lust for the weak PR efforts of Taleworlds - the secrecy is most likely Armagan's fault.
Farewell Ginger McCockblock.


Sergeant Knight
Sorry I didn't see this sooner. Although I am new to the community I have still heard and seen the great things that you have done for the people here; Bucharest being one of the best.
Thank you for your service.
I wish you could come back to camp, but you retired from adventuring. Good luck in the future.


Sergeant Knight at Arms
I always thought it was really awesome how you took a gamble and moved to another country to work for a game company you grew up playing.  Five years is a pretty good stint and (well I don't know about in the UK) sitting at the same place for too long can lead to stagnation. I know because I was at my first job for 10 years and when I found something new I took a 30% pay increase as I got the salary that was closer to what the job was.

Good luck in your next career move!


Sergeant at Arms
Thank you for your service to the community. Good luck on your future plans and life. We hope to see you around in the battlefiield, should it be on public servers, forums, or tournaments.


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Reapy said:
I always thought it was really awesome how you took a gamble and moved to another country to work for a game company you grew up playing.  Five years is a pretty good stint


:grin: Good luck Lust; I'm sure moving abroad to work in a foreign country and learning to speak a foreign language (particularly one which isn't as commonly spoken in Britain as French or Spanish, for example) will give you both a lot of confidence and a CV that will impress future employers.
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