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Hi there,
Some feedback on an aspect of the game that takes me a lot of micro-managing time in the late game: parties management.

I always end up doing a lot of troops transfer between my main party and my clan parties and garrisons.
I want to take advantage of perks like "Raise the Meek" or "Stiff Upper Lip" and of settlement constructions like the Training Fields.

I have fun doing this because it makes good use of the different perks and settlement upgrades and add to the management part of the game.
It takes a lot of time.
Using the "Manage garrison" feature, talk to each of my lords and use "Let me inspect your troops." with a lot of back and forth if I make a mistake, forgot how many people one of my lords can take with them or else result in a lot of clicking and menu closing / opening.

I wonder if it would be feasible to have a Party management screen with:
- Right side: your party
- Left side: currently inspected party
- Top left side: arrows to switch currently inspected party (same as when you manage your inventory and want to switch between party members)
The parties you could use in that screen would be the clan owned parties, including visited settlement garrison.

It may seem basic but I think it would save a lot of time in the late game.
I tried caring less about it and being more "messy" but it just does not fit me. I feel like a lot of good perks and features are here to push parties optimization (which I like).
Anyone else feeling the same ?


There should be remote party management. What you say and more should be added to this interface. We can do inventory management from here. We can give a patrol mission from here. We can recruit certain groups of soldiers. We can arrange meetings with the mercenaries. We can invite the lord to talk. We can look for a comrade. These are issues that require related solution. We don't feel like we're kings. It is desired to be simple, but it should not be missing.
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