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Particular mayor no longer giving quests

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I completed the 'Hunt Down Bandits that Attacked Travelers' Quest for the Mayor of Bosvenegh and afterward no longer get the 'Do you have any jobs for me?' dialogue. The quest is not in my log, I got the reward for it but no dice.

Other mayors still give quests and upon completion will give another, though I never completed that specific quest for them, the one that attaches a quest target to an existing campaign party, in this case at Bosvenegh it was Elite Danish Vikings right outside the walls prior to getting the quest. Grey colored party prior, purple after, murdered them, turned it in and so on and so forth.

I went back to an older save but could not get the mayor to give me the same quest to see if I could replicate the issue, other quests he gave me in this older save could be completed normally and I would still be able to take another.

I also waited three weeks to see if the text would re-appear, it did not, thinking perhaps it was an issue with simply having no more quests, but I had not done a quest for a mayor in several months prior and other mayors in other towns still gave multiple quests.

Not a game breaking issue, I can still raise relation with the town in other ways, but just wanted to give you a headsup:


My save game and RGL log:


Patch Version: 2.021
Campaign/Save Game Start version: 2.021

Mods Used:
Brainy Bots

Tweaks Enabled (from the tweaks thread):
Change number/strength advantage sieging AI lords need to assault 1.04 (doubled it)

Seige relation loss modification from wkdekdqn (reduced to -1)

Amount of troops you take to attack bandit lairs/landings (2.021) (Increased to 13 from 7).

Bandit party spawn time (Increased to 168 hours up from 35).

Add or modify music by Der Kopfsammler (added several tracks, removed others).

Chance to capture a ship after a naval battle from Bpestilence (Increased to 25 base).

Relation loss for attacking enemy/neutral lords in the field (2.021) by Shaxx (decreased to -1).

Stop other kingdoms declaring war to curb your realm's power (2.021).

Enterprise relation requirements (2.021) by Shaxx (Lord and Mayor both require 15 relation prior to establishing Enterprise).
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