Parent / Sibling Culture Hair Restrictions

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I can't tell you how often my father gets generated with bob ross afro hair or that weird looking nomadic one or the pigtail hairstyle and he's empire culture, it's insane.

The same thing with the mother, so many times she gets the afro style that is better suited for the aserai.

There needs to be culture restrictions for the hairstyles imo.

Obviously let the player character do whatever they want, so no restrictions for the player. The generated family in character creation though needs to look like the culture that the player chose.

Culture restricted hairstyles for npcs in general might not be such a bad idea.
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Lol the way they intermarry between faction/cultures in game the gene-pools are so mixed anyway :grin: Many clans have more people of not their initial culture in second generation.

Apply this to commoners and player familly be Sturgian afro's :smile:

(I do Agree though.)
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