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In science and philosophy, a paradigm /ˈpærədaɪm/ is a distinct set of concepts or thought patterns, including theories, research methods, postulates, and standards for what constitutes legitimate contributions to a field.  (Wikipedia)

I wonder, there are great "Tolkien" or "Star Wars" mods (for a lot of games, but Mount and Blade is an ideal example). But I have never seen mod that would combine all this worlds into a huge cosmogenic Babel tower. So here we are. PARADIGM WORLDS is a mod that tries to combine different 'worlds' into a big, one mod. Those 'worlds' are called PARADIGM.

Apart from that mod's aim is to use all strategic, tactic and rpg features that can give a player better control over his own 'PARADIGM'.

Mod is under construction, it is developing, but it is also READY to play. Download link and mod info link below.

*human (man, woman, beautiful woman),

- giant
- beast
- demon
- golem


PEOPLE'S DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF MORLOK – totalitary system in victorian era
NECROCORP SYNDICATE – undeads with future tech corporate syndicates
ALIEN SHOGUNATE – space aliens in Japan's shogunate opaque
FANTASY MAGIOUCRACY – elves, orcs and djiniis in Tolkien's setting
UNITED STATES OF RENAISSANCE – historical human faction
SANITARIUM CONSPIRACY – far east setting with global conspiracy mania

SUB-FACTIONS: [minor faction do not have their own towns or castles]  (playable bolded)
- Justice League (Pirate Hunters, Vampire Hunters)
- Scoiatael Commando (Elven Rebels)
- Weimear Rebels (Medieval Knights)
- Scav Mutated Morloks (Radiated and sick Morloks)
- Undeads (Skeletons, Skeletal Mages, Liches, Draugrs, Vampire Thralls, Assassins) (partially playable)
- Doomsday Cultists (Evil Ketele Cultist)
- Alien Pirates (Space Pirates with blasters)
- Star Gate Expedition (SG human soldiers)
- Techno Mages (Ghostly cyber techno plasma weapon users)
- Old Gods Crusaders (Classical Medieval Chivalry)
- Lost Legion (Roman Empire Legionists)
- Crazy Pikts (Rotten demoralized elves)
- Desert Abominations (Desert skeletons)
- Angry Dwarves (Rebel miner, chaos dwarves)
- Corsairs (Sea dwarven pirates)
- Escaped Mutants (deformed mutants)
- Cannibals -> Undeads

Playable - means that player can change its reinforcements, troop tree to this faction, like to any other main faction

ORDERS (orders can be established on towns and castle courts by player or by another lord):
- Longbeard Engineeers (dwarven specialists)
- Fallen Legion (vampires, nosveratu)
- Tao Dimension Order (unique disc throwers)
- Digital Legion (high-tech predators)
- Crimson Brothers (sea aliens)
- Unknown Experiment Narvik (mutant order)

WEAPONS: numbers and short description
275 one-handers (swords, maces, axes, wands, katanas, lightsabers, etc.)
106 two-handers (greatswords, nodachis, hammers, etc.)
129 polearms (halberds, staves, glaives, hafted blades, etc.)
26 bows (elven, orcish, uruks, magic, etc.)
26 types of arrows (poisoned, barbed, energy, magic, explosive, etc)
56 thrown weapons (knives, shurikens, grenades,  javelins, pilums, jarids, palantirs, heads (yes!), daggers, harpoons, spears, magic missiles, etc.)
24 handguns (flintlock, wheelock, revolvers, pistols, nailguns)
53 firearms (arquebus, blunderbus, shotguns, rifles, sniper rifles, carbines, machine guns, SMGs,)
36 crossbows&energy weapons (blasters, launchers, panzerfaust, laser and plasma weapons, wands, magic staves, kinetic rifles, unique launchers, etc.)
18 kinds of ammo (cartridges, shock, explosive, dum-dum bullets, silvered bullets, buckshots, nails, etc.)
31 kinds of energy ammos (plasma, laser, flying skulls, red, blue, green, yellow energy, missiles, bio-hazard bullets, bolts, viral missiles, etc.)
73 books & goods (cheese, pyre powder, gunpowder, fisstech, elfskin, mushrooms, human flesh, elven skin, coffee, corn, watermelon, skill-books, crystals, antiques, etc.)

460 armours (plates, mails, mithril, kevlar, teflon, trench, combat suits, uniforms, panzer, energy, ghostly, etc.)
159 parts of different armour sets (gloves, gauntlets, tatoos, boots, greaves, magic, futre tech, modern, military, elven, orcish etc.)
158 shields (magic ritual shield, tech-shield, anti-hack shield; power field, pavise, scutum, kite, board)

over 90 different types of mounts and vehicles
animals (horses, camels, elephants, deers, pegazes, bears, spiders, ponys, goats, wargs, wolves, stallions, chargers, hunter, etc.)
vehicles (hovercraft, techno-brooms, bionic spiders, etc.)

elite, artifacts, legendary items with special abilities
specially crafted launchers, weapons (paralizing palantirs, energy lances,  etc.)

huge, detailed map (which have resamblance to our worlds map, but simplified and compacted)
pbod, freelancer
dynamic, demanding campaign (Doomsday Clock, see details below)
modified map AI
different game scenarios at game start
custom troops, tree troop, wide range to items for each custom troop
cannibalizing, slave trading
autofire (smg, machine guns)
explosions, magic effects
new towns, people
new scenes, settings
sea travels
lots of new factions
BOSSES - giant troops that lead hordes of their faction troops
Demons, Golems, Water Elementals and more
you can establish, banish orders, hire their troops
detailed strategic options given to patrol, mercenaries and order parties
new merchants with unique items
a lot of new buildings for towns, castles and villages
hundreds of new troops from different worlds
movement depending on terrain
changing to factions/sub-factions
new icons, icon unlocker for the player
party healing, morale raising
new tactics and strategy due to new weaponry and troops
fantasy, sci-fi setting
new options to honour and relations (you have a lot benefits for being 'bad')
regular, elite, special units
30 interesting, unique companions
nearly absolute freedom
un-balanced factions (you can choose easy or hard way)
improved options for being a faction leader (lords bribing, capture kings to force peace, etc.)
crafting (create unique artifacts and eqip companions with them) simple system, but rewarding
there are a lot more features, some of them made by me especially for this mod
this would be probably most unconventional mod you will play
crazy, strange, sometimes funny - when was the last time you shoot MG42 at elves?
I've put a lot of effort to make this mod detailed in strategic manner, there are small things that make this mod easy-to-learn but give good depth of features
Doomsday Clock - this an example of my thinking about this mod. Every day Doomsday Clock is ticking. For some features like changing race, faction, choose scenario, making 'bad' things, like building Ketele temple, you receive additional Doomsday's. For doing 'good' things sometimes you revert back Doomsday, but in a slower manner. Doomsday Clock has impact all whole gameplay: how hard are nemies, how many of them are raiding world, power of factions, lords, how much you earn, generally has an impact on all important things going on in this world. That way you have to be active, to keep up with worlds changes.​

I imagine PARADIGM WORLD like our after some apocalypse, then something about 6000 years later some of creatures began to re-create world. But its rules and habitants have changed. Humans are just one race amongst many others. Ways to develope also have changed. Some of the humanity uss 'old' path, for example united States of Renaissance tries to re-create 'old' world. Aliens (space) have found another historical culture - Japan's shogunate - and their life is similar in some ways to those times. But there are races like Fantasy Magioucracy that are ruled by mages and devolped their own, new style of life.

If you want to learn more about new world and it's habitants please see articles section: [link]http://www.moddb.com/mods/paradigm-worlds/articles[/link]

Who will or should definately like this mod?
- If you are fan of David Cronenberg movies like 'Videodrome', Ridley Scott's 'Alien', you like sci-fi setting, this mod is definately for you.
- If you are fan of Tolkien setting, generally RPG, with a darkness flavour, this is mod for you.
- If you like not only Dracula but also Nosveratu (for example Werner Herzog's) this is mod for you, and race I'd suggest you choose is a vampire
- If you like 'epidemic' movies, viruses, mutants and so on - you should watch this mod closely :smile:
- If you think that player can be a scenario creator just by role-playing, this is mod for you
- If you are open-minded to different solutions, from visual to intellectuall this mod is for you
- If you want to rule Cannibal Horde and overtake humanity by eating them - this mod is for you
- If you think that corrupting yourself to dark arts and become undead is a good way to become powerful - this mod is for you
- If you ever questioned yourself who would win battle: Tolkien Uruks or Space Pirates - yes, this game is for you

responsive developer (that's me)
listening to players (see mod's forum - quick answers) [link]http://www.moddb.com/mods/paradigm-worlds[/link]
players are also creators (suggestions, demands are implemented asap)
articles with lore, background
articles describing tactics, races, options and features [link]http://www.moddb.com/mods/paradigm-worlds/articles[/link]

new features are being prepared as we speak
polishing, bug-fixing (asap)
save-compactible (as much as possible) [I respect long-time game players]
improving gameplay
always looking for new options, features

When I started modding year ago, I knew absolutely nothing about coding. Now I know a little bit more. In this place I have to thank to all people who helped me directly on the forum by giving osp codes, or helped me just by teachning coding theory.
I am a photographer, so some work with texture I could do. I tried to modify as much "original osp" textures, not because I didn't liked them – opposite, I think that they are very orignal, by I am truly ashamed, that I am unable to create my own 3d models. So I wanted to give something more, than just copy/paste objects. So I did a lot of redesigning of textures.

About all OSP's: It was a great fun adding this stuff to Paradigms. To watch closely how detailed and imagintive their work can be was a very good experience. So big thanks for:


I play this mod without music. As I believe that in most cases music can help feeling game better, it is not my mod case. So you are free to use any music you like. All additional sound were taken from freeware sites and then edited by free sou nd editors.


MOST IMPORTANT: great thanks for the TLD for making their mod OSP. Thanks to all people from The Last Days mod for Warband.

I have used models and textures for creating whole faction of "tolkien" of my mod, as well I used many objects and textures for other in-game purposes. Armors, swords, bows – they are so many in my mod thanks to creators of mod The Last Days.

Link to osp www: Forums.taleworlds.com and list of all TLD makers: Mbx.streetofeyes.com

I cannot tell witch object or texture was made by whom exactly, but I can tell this: without their work my mod could not exist.

The very similar thing is with La Grandmster's The Reckoning. I have learned a lot thanks to him (releasing modules). I have used a lot of objects, you know from his game. I have also used textures, meshes from this mod.


GAREDYR – for cannibalism kit code osp, helping with coding in polish warband forum

GAREDYR, MAT BERSEKER, LEW, FIRENTIS from polish warband forum for all help with coding, with all Q&A

Q&A Thread in warband forum which helped me a lot: Lord of Shadows, MitchellD, Lumos, jacobhinds, Ikaguia, gdwitt, The_dragon, Somebody, kraggrim, kalarhan ,

Thanks to all authors from PYTHON SCRIPT/SCHEME EXCHANGE – even if I didn't use all of codes I learned a lot from them and their authors

The Ultimate Introduction to Modding by Lumos
[Tutorial] Make your own Companions - Malik Faris
[OSP][Tutorial] New Building for Towns: Orphanages (Combo School & Mill) - Malik Faris
Adding a new race - pentagathus
kt0's guide to overpowered items – kt0

Pre-Battle Orders & Deployment – modmerger version – Caba`drin
Freelancer 1.51 – taragoth

Dynamic Kingdom Troop Tree Presentation - dundee

Counterpoint – shuriken models
RGCoTL's - RGCoTL's Rome objects
Zimke Zlovoljni - Ficus's Roman Pack
Xenoargh - Mackie's OSP Weapons Pack, Camel Model
As0017 - Some Vietnamese items Llew - Flintlock Firearms OSP
Wilk22 - Single Hussar Wing OSP
bogmir - [OSP] ITEM Fantasy set, Samurai weapons OSP
fede.caprari - Soviet Officer Uniform
Rigadoon – Elephant
k0nr@d - [OSP] [Item] Pegasus Armory [v1.08 11.04.2015]
Dariel - [OSP] Star Wars Samurai/EU Items
Sherlock Holmes - [OSP][Items]Riot Police OSP
Willhelm - 19th Century Firearms
Willhelm - Ultimate 17th Century Pack
Gothic Knight - Classical Italian/Roman items OSP Dankmar - Dankmars fantasy armors
Sphere - ModMerger framework 0.2.5 ( Fisheye - [Kit] Customize troops feature for your mod Caba`drin - [WB, SP, Code] Custom Player Party Name (Open Source) Xenoargh - [OSP] SimpleLoot MartinF - Duel Kit v0.5 released Caba`drin - [WB, SP, [script] Custom Player Kingdom Vassal Titles (Open Source)
Rubik - [script]The World Map to show the exact realm of factions
surrealms race pack – I couldn't find authors, however this is their list of thanks. I think this is their credits: Thorgrim for the BRF Editor
Hellequin for Blender SMD export script
Yoshiboy for the great tutorials
JIK for the Module System documentation
Claudio. Most of installation text - the grammatically correct part - borrowed from him.
TES4-OSP-Weapons - Nexons Armory - All models and textures by Nexxon
There are probably some of the banners from this banner-pack: Arked-Draggon Alternate Clan Banner Pack (with matching Heraldic backs). Their creators:
- Orginal creators of the native Warband banners & script files
- Chadz and the Donkey Crew for the cRPG version of the script
- Kalam, Arked, Overdriven, and Niemand for their work on the banner packs
- Overdriven for coming up with the script edit idea for matching Heraldic backs
- Mendrak aka Mendo for matching d.dds & helping with the slot images
- Mendrak, Entar, and Vingnir for general assistance and tips
- All the folks who have created custom Clan/Faction banners for this pack and others
Barf_Skeleton_Army_v2 – Mbrepository.com - Barf

TES4-OSP-Weapons - 27.June:Andragorn'sWeapons2; 28.June:Nexxon Updated (Nexons Armory, Jojjo's Weapons, Andragorn's Weapons (HighPolys), Andragorn's Weapons 2, TES4-OpenSourceProject-Weapons) from credits/thanks of author of this pack: Thanks to all the talented modellers and texturers, who have created these beauty items! Thanks to Morgh for his great Warband Mod Tools, which I used to put the weapons ingame! They're really easy to use, but mighty! Thanks to mtarini for his great OpenBRF, which I used to port the Oblivion-modells into Mount&Blade! You're all doing a really important work for our community!

There is something problematic about Calradia:Modern Warfare OSP. I tried to assure that using objcts from this mod is legal, fair.

As I understand – nemeruis – was the author of some objects in this mod. As he stated his work as OSP I have used some (just a few) models from this mod. If anyone knows about problems with it, please give me some info. Used objects: some helmets, shotgun, ak47, 2 or 3 soldier suits. As nemuruis stated that theese are his objects, credits goes to him.
motomataru's formations (in modmerger pack) – motomaru

!!! I can't find author of trainig ground scenes. - I have downladed his work some time ago and now I don't remember who he was. I apologize for that. If you have the right info, please let me know.
!!! The same is with author of pack of chargers, plated horses, which I used for my mod. If you know who is he, please let me know.

I spent a lot of time to find authors of all objects/codes I have used and as far I am sure I did my best, I know that there are problably some people and their great work that I forgot.

I am really sorry and I apologize for that in advance. If you know anything about author(s) of any work I have used and didn't give credit – please let me know. From the list you can see that this mod was possible only because of the work of many people who gave their work to osp. This mod is possible also thanks to people who had patience to help me and learn about coding.

I spent many hours retexturing, coding myself – so believe me – I understand how much work has to be done to create osp codes, mods, objects and so on. Any textures – they are rather characteristic, ideas which are mine – you can use anyway you want. As long as it will not be used for commercial purposes. Please remember that still all 3d objects are borrowed from other osp, and you should rather look for originals objects, not rip this mod.

I apologize for my terrible english. Really. I apologize for my terrible english. Really.
You can find me on the warband forum as MadGuarang, the same nick on the polish site of mount and blade.
You can also find me on facebook as Karol Grodecki, or write an email: [email protected]

My favourite comments on this mod: (from comments section on moddb)
'This mod is insane enough for me to love the idea. I'm looking forward to playing this.'
'I have never seen such a mod like this one before! so good work man.'
'Awesome mod, and it works on my low-end computer so +1 for that too!'
'I listen to old happy hardcore and ragga jungle while playing your mod, it is pretty enjoyable combination. Kinda fits the craziness.'
'Nicely done and promising mod, really like it and playing only that lately.'
'Loving the look of the digital legion! Man I can't explain how much i love the technomages / cyborgs / look of this mod!'
'I LOVE this mod. It combines the various little role play materials from various other mods that I enjoy and lets me use it in a pseudo plausible universe (good for immersion).'
'Amazing update! Lovvvving the new faction. They remind me of the borg from startrek mixed with the necron from warhammer 40k haha.'
'Not to mention that they add a bit of immersion to the game. Surviving desert bandits in their homeland and coming out with some sweet camels and armor makes for an in game adventure rivaled only by that of conquering a series of fortresses while keeping on the lookout for counter-attackers. '
'Epilogue: The rambler went on to describe the ugly magiocracy "ladies", ask about the insertion of more small yet skilled parties like SG squads for other factions, hate on the giants who ruined countless tournaments for hime (THOSE WERE MY KILLS!!!), discuss how the ocean is a deathtrap and needs sea sheriffs, ask about establishing Scoiatel culture/female elves/elven ladies/major Scoia uprisings/related elf-loving liberal nonsense (his inner DF player was disgusted), and generally waste time and space talking about the game instead of playing it.'
'Well, that's different.'
'This is one of the more... Stranger mods. But that isn't a bad thing.'
'Love the new pics, is that a panzerfaust on his back?'
'Awesome. I love the dedication you put in, not just to the textures and weapons but the gameplay dynamics. This is going to be one of the best mods for warband.'
'DON'T LISTEN TO THIS! THIS IS ALL REBELL PROPAGANDA! There are no so called 'undead' in Weimear!'




SOME IMAGES art and in-game:

















































Version: v 0.92
Game version: 1.168+
Category: Total Conversion / Overhaul / Mod combo
Mode: SP, (MP has very small changes)
Languages: EN (well, sort of)

- new troops for cultist:
  - after 160 doomsday clock Ketele Demon is recruited
  - after 280 doomsday clock cultist parties will be additionally reinforced by: vyrn demonist, demonist guard (thanks to imginative Vyrn OSP mod),
  and some corrupted dwarves, djiniis etc.

- new troop for Morlok faction (Mr. Huspire - specially for You) - Elite Line Grenadier, 2nd upgrade to line infrantry (models, thanks to Blood and Iron OSP mod)

- on request I have lowered (little) troop wages, they are still dependant on doomsday clock, but in more delicate manner (people fear more, the later doomsday clock is)
- custom notes on lords (right click on lord map icon) notes will appear on lord report sheet
- Desert Abominations relations with player will change due to being good or bad
- old God's temple reverts back Doomsday Clock every 14 days (was 30) by 3 days (was 2).

- changes to start new game menu: now starting with all companions is an option to choose (yes/no), not the scenario. So you can play any scenario with all companions.

- Scenarios that include ruling own faction (Cult Leader, Scoiatael Leader, Rebel Pirate Hunters Leader) are easier. Player has a lot more gold on start (that should help with paying soldiers for their jobs for starters) and have more Right to Rule (closer to 50 that allows quite normal faction relations).

- navigation skill has even more to do with parties world map speed (those with lower skill move slower)

- small fixes to bugs reported on forum

- some new textures

- diversified world map, it looked bald in few places

- experimental feature: you can talk with companion to change places, he would become player main character, and 'old' player character 'should' act like as companion. Please have in mind that this option is barely tested and I can't say what changes to game or saves it can do. However it is rather safe to change places before battle, if you want to feel how it is to be your companion. You can ask any companion to change back.
Dialog lines: 'I want to ask you something' -> 'I make you acting party leader. (experimental feature)' and 'I want <player name> to lead party again.'
hint: this way you can also use companions character sheet.

- Bank revenue now depends on lords PARTY skill (was PERSONAL)

- village infested by bandits, now there is a 6% chance (was 3%) and have over 80 random possible 'bandits', watch yourselves, some are extremaly dangerous!

- now in town's, castle's description you will see info about built improvements, even if it doesn't belong to you.

- autofire (smg, machine guns)
- new firearms (from Sig Sauer through M-16 to MG-42)
- new explosions (explosion cartridges)
- more explosions and sfx, now we have a real battlefield

- rondoleros (new troops for United States of Renaissance)
- Ketele Demon (later in game-play, cultists will recruit demons)
- rebalanced items, new unlocked elite and legendary items 
- new items (armours, weapons) for vampire lord, vampire assassin
- small fixes
- most powerful units (Pirate Juggernauts, Technomages) slightly 'de-powered'to keep in-game balance (however they are still powerful units)
- small changes to Sanitarium weaponry, void and matrix launchers now use gravity (gravity and friction were disabled) and have longer ranges. Thanks to that npc will use it in better way.

- now buildings Legionary Barracks will provide diversified Legionist. They are called "Retrained" and are slightly different (visually and tactically) from 'normal; Lost Legion troops. Theese are also new troops.
- garrisoned troops pay only 1/3 of wage
- prices for prisoners lowered 


- new world map
- 3 new cities, 3 new castles, some villages
- new races: dwarf, vampire, mutant
- few different companions (still 30)
- ships, but available to player, minor parties, but not lords
- sailing can be very good way of travelling because of great speed of ships
- Scouts, Patrols, Mercenaries also can be given orders by player. Player has to be a leader of his kingdom.
- new parties: Corsairs, Angry Dwarves, Escaped Mutants, Vampire, Vampire Hunters

- ORDERS! There are 6 orders with implemented quite suffisticated coding. Orders have own ranks, can reinforce lord's parties. Lords (and player) can establish and upgrade orders. Player can also hire orders like mercenries parties and give them orders on world map (screen me, escort, engage and so on).
- If you want to know more about orders, go to any big city where there order is established and speak with Order Diplomat. They have many useful info about everything that have something with orders.
- Each Order has its own weapons, armors and beasts.
- Beasts are huge, opwerful monster, like bossess. They have exceptionally powerful armors, and amazing weapons, like cannons. You can watch them or hire if you are a lord of your order. Still - speak with Order diplomats.

BONUS: Weimear has fallen! Hail to new risen faction! - Necrocorp - mix of undeads and futuristic syndicate wars agents!

- Campaign AI Fixes and Tweaks - thanks to motomaru - This AI map improvement changes a lot. Lords are more active, agressive. No more staying in castles and waiting for Christmas.
- Rebalancing of items and factions (NOT balancining) Lots of new Firearms and other ranged weapons like Energy Lances, new factions changed some rules, needed to rebalance world a little.

- At TOWN's courts you will meet "sacerdotes" - healers and magicians. They can raise party's morale, sell medicine, but most importantly HEAL your party (thx to idibil for the code)
- Quest rewards greatly increased, now they matter again
- Modern Soldiers like STAR GATE now are better (as requested by players)
- However there are Orders which are exceptionally powerful
- There are also new parties like Mutants, Angry Dwarves, so balance of power also have changed.
- OUTLAWS Faction become more important and powerful. Most of new parties are OUTLAWS. You can buy and sell with ranspom brokers like with any other merchants, BUT if you have low honour or are in good terms with OUTLAWS. The same for hiring troops from Ransom Brokers.
- World is far more dangerous now, so Freelancer module is getting more important choice for a start.
- Moving on world map - Now speed on the world map differs far more than before. Pathfnding becomes one of the most important skill, as it has great impact on map speed.
- moving on water depends on new skill: SAILING

- I think that whole NECROCORP faction is inteestng because of new weapons, and mounts. But above all is new item of their best agent: PERSUADRATON. They can persuade (only on battlefield, and only for time of one battle) enemies to join your party! Player and companions can also use persuadraton, as it is a normal item, like sword or dagger.
- There are several new weapons, firearms, funny horror stuff like mutants.


Because of new power balance:
- Renaissance can upgrade to every level soldier from basic, and has lowest levels of soldiers -> they upgrade fast, and -> recruit can upgrade to elite (this is only faction which can do it)
- Morloks elite troops can throw grenades now
- STAR GATE troops can be imprisoned now
- TECHNOMAGES wages are a lot higher now

- ship hiring cost are different for each place (richer places have higher prices for boats)
- updated info for formations, for better AI fights
- new food/goods modifiers, that have impact for example on party's morale

and very important:
- now imprisoned faction leaders can be forced to make peace
- To establish Orders/hire beasts you need item called "Order License" - you can acquire it by: capturing kings of facitions, bossess of minor factions. (speak with them when they will be your prisoners)
- player starts with one order license (worth 40K) you can sell it and have easy start or keep it to Establish your own order, choice is yours

- reworked townspeople, now in villages walks dwarves, elves, and so on.
- reworked textures for towns, villages and so on

Version 0.65
- laser/plasma blasters, energy weapons repaired. They will still work little odd for bots, as they have short range, but now no more shooting in the sky!
- Pirate Hunters / manhunter dialog repaired, now you can attack them and be attacked by them
- upgrading troops more relevant to upgrade level, prices are bit higher
- some items repairing (names, flags, etc.)
- lords gain more xp every few days depending on doomsdayclock (not only when they raise a new party)
- most or all RAGDOLLS repaired (there can be problems with Giants -> "Bosses" from war-parties)
- I don't want to take your fun. To achieve old crazy ragdoll effect you have to find CRAZY RAGDOLL effect in mod DATA folder. There is skeletons.xml file. Overwrite it in mod DATA folder.

Ransom Brokers (You can identify them by their names, they use "r" letter, for example Rolling Roger, or something like that).
dialog to sell prisoners repaired (except Ramun), what is more:
- new feature added - you can hire random units from ransom brokers
- special offer: speak to ransom broker to get 'special offer'. There will be random stock every few 5 days. You will see message informing about it. There will be few units, which normally can not be hired, like prison guards.
- a very special offer - another chance to hire technomages, but mostly a chance to hire high-level mercenaries. Good, interesting option however not a cheap one.

problems solved:
lords stay in castles because of low money for recruitment
- lord wages raised up, so they can easier hire troops and get out of castles.
- lord wages are more dependant on DoomsdayClock. For now their wages raises DoomsdayClockx3 (wasx1) that should guarantee they won't end up in castles later in the game
- lords trade skills are made little higher, mostly on higher levels.

problems solved:

When you take track down bandits quest from guild master and you have positive relations with the band you need to kill, you can't start the battle with them and there's only 1 option "leave" only way to do that is to make them attack someone else and then help the defenders

Now, when you speak with guild master, when you get the quest, there is pecial dialog line added:
- ("good_relations", "I know, that you are in good terms with them, but maybe you will find a way to neutralise them?"),
- ("bad_relations", "As I heard, you are on a warpath with those creatures, so there shouldn't be a conflict of interests.)"),

If you are in good or bad terms you will be informed about it by Guild Master. You can then decide to take or refuse quest.

Version 0.64

- lowered xp's for starting scenarios
- gondor_helmets.brf LODs
- gondor.brf LODS
- trig_gondor_costumes.brf LODs
- lowered xp's for starting scenarios
- blunderbus now working correctly
- lowered CPU usage by smoke from guns
- lowered smoke usage by guns itself
- modern guns do not use smoke anymore (however what is modern gun could be part of another discussion)
- meatskull added properly to skeleton head skins
- xp for player and troops lowered (a little)

version .62
- Basic Multiplayer stuff added. Units:  morlok vanguard, yethu vanguard, Legionist and their items
- all units/factions have new stats for multiplayer. Units are far more quicker and their speed is relevant from faction. The greater speed the lower strenght, however.
for example  "def_attrib_multiplayer_male = str_20 |agi_100 |int_30 | cha_30 |level(30) #male" "def_attrib_multiplayer_elf = str_14 |agi_130 |int_30 | cha_30 |level(24)

- added new hair and beards for human, elves. (thx to "the reckoning")
- added new companions up to 30 (and probably this is all)
- skyboxes (new, with better sfx)
- now you can give gold bars to your comapnions to improve their morale and reset grievances (ask them do they like gold)

- area damage added, thanks to grenades (low chance merchandise) and dynamite bombs (create) ! (new items)
- Star Gate, SG-2 Science Squad have new member - Spec Ops with new carbine (low damage, high accuracy) and grenades.

- new race: HALF-GIANTS for players and GIANTS for npc parties. They are extremaly strong, but not agile, or charismatic. They're not too smart too. They are biggest race in game, which means they are good in hand-to-hand fight
as they can easly hit heads of enemies, but on the otther hand they are really easy target to hit.

- added new special "war-Parties". They are bigger, stronger parties of minor factions. Each time there can be only one War-Party on the map. They are leaded by hero, which is exrtemely dangerous, very well equipped, so it can be said, that they play role of BOSSes.

- War Parties, I hope, war-parties feature will give some freshness in mid-game, when player becomes very powerful.

- shotguns, blunderbus, handcannon and sawed off shotgun fire now multiple bullets. However they act not 100% properly when on horse... If you don't like it this way please give message in comments

As you see, the mod is very big and I spend every free of work minute to make it bigger, more detailed, better scripted. Without OSP's, help of other modders this mod would new rise. 1,5 year ago I did not know anything about scripting or modding Warband generally. To develope better mod, to add new more complicated features I'd like to welcome any help from YOU.

There are several ideas, suggestions, possibilities that could be implemented. Some needs fixing, others just to make them better. If you have your own idea, how could you help to make this mod better, you're welcome.

Please, see projects list below. Maye there is something with you could help.


1. CONTINUE AFTER 'main_hero_is_fallen' - most important for now
- Player can continue as any other troop in the battle - this project is too hard for me (at least now) and I would gladly accept any possible help with that. 

2. FREELANCER 2.0 - space sim game missions module. If you ever played Freelancer you know what I am talking about.
Here is picture that gives main idea ->

Description (short):
Idea, inspiration came to me from great Freelancer, pc space sim/arcade game. It had very fun mission module. All missions were random. Some of them were very hard, even too hard for new players.
What is more important such module would give the player a lot more freedom. Thanks to such missions player could play the game however he wanted.

I think that such module for Mount and Blade would be great addition. Player could participate in lords, factions great wars and diplomacy, but he could also play apart from this, be indepedent and still evolve.

3. MORE FACTIONS (medium importance) having more faction could add more flavour to the game. Watchnig elves fighting SWAT team is fun, but there is a lot of space on the map for new factions.
- I tried to follow new adding faction tutorial https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?topic=334271.0 but I have failed at adding banners, banners meshes. There is more importance to scripting than visual creation of new factions.
-  As a general ideas and suggestions from other players, I think that we could have Napoleonic-like faction, Athlandis-like faction, we could also change some minors faction into main one, for example Doomsday Cultists.
- I also liked very much visual idea of Vyrn mod http://www.moddb.com/mods/vyrn/images/armor-designs5#imagebox


more orders:
- Sidh Sabbath (rather self explantory)
- Wild Sidh - primitive neutral-evil faction

- Apocalypse Raiders - inspiration - Mad Max movie

- Eco-Terror druid-animal faction.


3a. Even more factions - revolts. There is great KAOS Kit that involves kingdoms revolts.
- I know that there is also modmerger https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?topic=323422.0 option, but for now it is too difficult for me to add it to mod.
- Another thing is that some parts of PARADIGM WORLDS will clash with KAOS kit for sure. There are not so important so they would need some aligning (game option module, character creation thing, nothing serious).
- That way we could make revolting factions into another kind of troops. For example United States of Renaissance revlting troops change to Napoleonic-like troops. That would give great change to any play style, and could bring a lot of new interesting troops. But in a coherent, not chaostic way.


PEACEFUL REVOLUTION - if any faction will be on a verge, loosing it's last town/castle it could revoultionise itself into a better organised faction. As 'old-british troops' into 'New Deal Army' for example. Of course then it should spawn some militias, patrol, last-effort parties (but theese are details). Revolution could be once a game feature (details, details...)

4. SCENES, new and importing SCENES - mod has its unique look thanks to new textures, but still, towns and castles are Native / Warband meshes. I don't have any experience with scene modding, so here I am looking for any help too.

- For Fantasy Magioucracy faction wich is mainly based on TLD mod osp I think that best solution is to use ready scenes from that mod.
- I think that the same could do for United States of Renaissance - there are if not ready 17th century scenes, there are ready to use buildings, and son.
- The Reckoning have laso great looking modern, post-apo, zombie scenes - I thinks that parts of them would fit into PARADIGM WORLDS mod. (Morlok faction? - it's a steampuk soviet union stalinism politacally, but some modern elements would do great)
- any new scenes, just crated by inspiration of this mod would be GREAT. If I am suggesting existing scenes, I think about work that has to be spent on scene-making, it is not that I do not wish to welcome any new thing, I welcome you with open arms, my friends!

5. TEXT, DIALOG, LANGUAGE - there is a lot of native dialog lines, (some) companions have native dialog lines, and my English is rather 'english', you do not have be a native speaker to find many grammar and spelling errors. I do what I can, but - again - any help is welcome.

6. MUSIC / SOUNDS  - I have just basic sound editing skill, so I could make or transform some sounds (that's why aliens have predator-movie-like voices) but what we need is a good piece of new music, and sound. I play Warband always without a sound (I like other sfx, scearms, or hoorays!) but I think that players would like to have new soundtrack.

Again, there are some OSP music sites, but I cannot decide which music is good (classical, rock, metal, techno, trans, ragga, jungle, classical, dub-step?, electro, whatever) so suggestions I welcome.

7. ANIMATIONS:  - I'd like to add some crouching animations, and firing, fighting generally animations, but first of all I have to revert to native skeletons. Currently using TLD skeletons (orc, uruks) and new animations stop game.

8. ANYTHING YOU LIKE:    there is a small list of general ideas, that could be described by the keywords

It is a list of ideas or inspirations. Every time I wonder myself what I could do with PARADIGM WORLDS mod, I look into this list and choose what is most inpirating at the time, or posiible to be done)

to-do LIST:
- implementing REVAMPED Tournaments (to the modmerged mod!)

- more items to custom troops (now max is 63, or 64)

- new skills: skl_prayer (prayer for big-changer magic like teleportation on the world map, bringing curses on world map parties,
spawning additional 'gods' parties, invisiblity, bringing plague that decimates caste/town garrisons)

- religion, of course, if there is a prayer there has to be something somebody to pray (Cthulhu, Ketele, Old God, well there are a lot of ancient cultures from ancient Egipt, Sumer to modern Shamanism)

- skill skl_hacker - I don't know what it could d, but I think it could be cool feature

- companions train custom troops (?) there are orders in the mod, but I want to give create custom order feature

- player once in a game can transform into antoher being: cyborg, technomage, vampire (if he isn't vampire yet), this should be a game-changer, so heavy difference on stats and player look

- order's missions - small quests - orders cannot give missions now, I want to change it

- sea trade OSP - add this feature (or think how to do it, because there are some problems with sea-caravans in towns)

- more power to outlaws! maybe create outlaws as a new faction? Being gody-goody is boring, (sometimes), I'd like t give more features to genetically evil characters (the main idea: to the different lord characters like goodnatured, upstanding, debauched add evil like sadist, mianac  ('historically' for example Vlad Dracula) - for staters they should 'like' unhonorable heroes, and dislike good ones

- hand to hand combat style - kungfu, karate, shaolin soccer :wink: - this mod still lacks of ninjas and real hand-to-hand fight

- quests, quests, quests! - I need quests. I think that the more random mission quest we have, the better and more diversified game is. The more player is independent and has more freedom.

- new map ai, improving map ai

- minor factions parties can sack towns and castles

- order wars. Order mechanic I wrote is nearly ready to do more things. For now orders reinforce lords. But they have their reputation, which is higher when someone establishes order and lower whjen order is banished. There are scripts ready and working that can spawn order parties. I want to create system where orders would wage wars between themselves, indepedently from factions. So factions / player faction should choose who is their friend, and who is enemy. If friendly order loos war then its reputation goes down and cannot raise more troops. So there is a good 'strategic net', that can handle such wars.

- flying creatures, flying at all, vehicles, like bikes or cars

- more places to see, like Druid Cove from TLD, or Justice League Camp where you can hire / buy / take missions.

- diversified adventurers like player with own party, agendas, ideas, ai

As to me: I am currently working / learning: scenes editing, scripting - as a project that I am working now is -> Justice League Camp where you can hire / buy / take missions.

One mod to rule them all :smile: As much crazy or psychedelic this mod is, its strategic and tactical layer I'd say is well-thought, so visaully yes it is a little Alice-in-wonderland but else it is a serius mod :smile:
This mod is great, has everything I like from fiction to fantasy and some historical flavor.

Only in this I can ride a mech, fire a machine gun and use renaissence armor at the same time  :eek:

I got it from the "find an item" option in a previous version :lol:. Not sure the full name of the mount really is.

BTW I found a small issue with version 0.92: when in battle and my horse is knocked out the message "You whistle for your horse" keeps showing up in the message feed and the character keeps making some noises.
Suggestions and feedback – I have lots of free time right now so why not? xD

Cat-astrophic / NewPlanet

New Suggestions


Castle garrisons are a big drain in economy (making towns always better to have) – Solution: add some buildings that provide tax money like armorer, weaponsmith, carpenter and so on;

Craftable ammo box – we could be able to craft an ammo box to be used with the heavy machineguns like the “mayhenator”;

Transfer all/sell all button for garrisons and slave trading – it becomes a chore to click each unit for garrison duty or for selling slaves so a button to transfer all would be good;

Improve the ammo display in battle – it would be good to be able to see the amount of ammo left in the current ammo cartridge and not just the total;

Opportunities to reduce doomsday clock – helping villages and villagers, letting lords go instead of capturing them and donations could be ways to get bonus to doomsday clock decrease. We could visit the temples we build to that end;

Consider adding more landbridges – later in the game the various factions have lots of difficulty attacking across water. Adding more land bridges would fix this issue (example: between Renaissance Capital and Arkham 01 from Sanitarium faction);

Can we have looting on water? – I mean after ship battles no loot screen appears so we can’t make a profit afterwards.


I’m losing relations with the Morlok faction because of my Old Gods Temple. Is this intended? It’s a bit annoying;

Some units have no sound – the undead, demons and necrocorp units have no sound when you hit or kill them;

Some weapons are invisible when you wield them in battle – Example: the yethu lightsaber pike for example;

Caravans get stuck and can’t move in an area near Gaderboh Festung Castle and the Morlok territory;

Banner missing – I think Condottiere Estramadura has no banner.

New Stuff for existing factions

Morloks – New unit: Morloks are handicapped in the mobility department. I suggest adding Morlok Attack Bike (melee and ranged) for mobility;

Aliens – New gun: BFG gun, basically an RPG launcher but with energy. New mount: Instead of spiders they could use floating disks to fit high tech theme more;

SG Science squads (the brown squads “with strange armed man”) – New mounts: attack bikes, tanks, Humvees and so on like the ones in the reckoning mod;

New Scenes that fit every faction – for example Morloks would have forts with trenches and such instead of castles, Necrocorp would have post-modern urban fortified areas and so on.

Revamp existing factions

Renaissence - Could be more steampunk. You could use the Rise of Legends game and others for inspiration. I noticed there are triple, quintuple and twelveshot arquebus weapons in merchants. How about making new units around those? Also some clockwork robots and so on. Maybe even some flying units like in Parabellum;

Alien Shogunate - I’d Make them a fully futuristic faction like the Alien Pirates. Better yet make them have predators and predator weapons.

New Factions

Raider Faction – Tribalistic, post-apocalyptic raiders like the ones in Fallout universe or Mad Max. They use makeshift weapons and firearms. They would have mounts like raider bikes, buggies and armored vehicles;

Star Wars Faction – Sith invasion with stormtroopers, siths, combat droids, speeders and so on;

Diesel Punk faction – Retrofuturistic faction with focus on ww2 technology and improvements upon that (En.wikipedia.org). Combat armor, ww2 new weapons and so on;

Underdark Expedition – Fantasy and magic faction. An alliance of D&D underdark beings composed of mostly drow, some mindflayers, duergar and beholders;

Hell Invasion – Someone or something opened a portal to another dimension. Basically the monsters from Doom led by hell barons;

Xenomorphs – Add the aliens as hostile to everybody but themselves, located around the territory of the predators as roaming parties.

I hope this helps in something. Cheers
Btw I got to around doomsday clock 600 now there are sooo many parties on the map my computer can barely handle it in low settings. My computer is dated but I guess if we could reduce the doomsday clock some more and make some of the parties disappear alongside that? The SG2 Science Squad (strange armed man) are no doubt the worst! They are spawning outside the desert area now (basically everywhere) in parties of at least 500. I own the town of Sanitarium and the lords of that faction are besieging it. Problem is the said science squad guys jump in to help them :???:. Last time it was a 1000 garrison vs 8000+ enemies to beat.
Version 1.0 is coming!

- One of the things I've done already (today to be precise) is that - you move backwards doomsday clock for doing quests, and forwards when failing

- In a few days I'll write details what will be exactly in new version. I don't wanna rush too much, because I want to make it good.

- Faction relations will be also chnged, in that case Star Gate will not have any good or bad relations with Sanitarium. As a supporting minor will be Desrt Abominations, they're hated by Techno Mages, so this should balance this region a bit.

- BTW maybe just bribe Star Gate to be neutral?

- Late game reinforcements to all parties will be also changed, to spawn better units, not just more the same. This would also help game.

EDIT: Eliminating any faction... -100 doomsday clock?
MadGuarang said:
Version 1.0 is coming!

- One of the things I've done already (today to be precise) is that - you move backwards doomsday clock for doing quests, and forwards when failing

- In a few days I'll write details what will be exactly in new version. I don't wanna rush too much, because I want to make it good.

- Faction relations will be also chnged, in that case Star Gate will not have any good or bad relations with Sanitarium. As a supporting minor will be Desrt Abominations, they're hated by Techno Mages, so this should balance this region a bit.

- BTW maybe just bribe Star Gate to be neutral?

- Late game reinforcements to all parties will be also changed, to spawn better units, not just more the same. This would also help game.

EDIT: Eliminating any faction... -100 doomsday clock?

Imo you are right don't rush anything take your time!

Do you mean the desert abominations? They are not the problem though since they spawn in small numbers. I mean the "strange armed man" that spawn in the area of the techno-mages. They help the Sanitarium faction making battles too unbalanced against the player.

The strange armed guys belong to stargate faction?

You could add leaders to the strange armed man so when we capture them we have the option to release them to reset relations like I was able to do with the undead if I remember correctly.

The strange armed guys belong to stargate faction?
- yes

You could add leaders to the strange armed man so when we capture them we have the option to release them to reset relations like I was able to do with the undead if I remember correctly.
- possible

This option to make peace with minor faction is possible to every faction that spawns horde. (about 1000 units). Every such kind of horde has boss, that can be captured and trade for order license, peace or money.
MadGuarang, your idea is fantastic!

I'm still crawling my first steps into building a mod based on the Dark Tower. For now, I have done only the superfluous stuff like menu background, font type and character creation.  I don't know whether you know the Stephen King's Magnum Opus or not, but I believe I have a lot to be inspired by your achievement. For example, there in the series the characters a able to travel through worlds and they stumble across enemies carrying harry potter snitchers and star wars lightsabers.

Thereat, I also must ask you if you allow me to use some of your resources and textures. Is it ok? I see that you used works of others without problem, but I ask you in advance anyway.

In respect to gameplay, I'm scheming something different. I'm really think that Dark Tower would work best without overmap. I want the player to travel randomly (but not so much) through the scenes, something quite inspired in Elder Scroll Arena. I still have to undertand how I'm gonna do it, but I have found hints in this forum that may help me.

Well, once more, congratulations for you great mod.

MadGuarang, I really really love this mod! It is so amazing!

Unfortunately I experience a lot of crashes. They seem to be connected with explosions during battles. I am now involved in a siege where my city is besieged by 500 guys from the United States of Renaissance. I have tried to reduce the video settings to lowest, but to no avail as I keep crashing in the first few seconds. I have tried about 30 times.

Any ideas how to solve this?
The problem with crashes has been resolved by removing corpses from the battle field.

Another problem I have encountered is that a lot of troops are immortal. Uruk/Orcs can't be damaged, nor can the order beasts. The only way to damage them is to ride over them with a horse (or auto resolve battles).

Obviously, this means it is very hard to wage war against Fantasy Magioucracy since it is impossible to take their cities. This seems to be a bug. If so, how do I resolve it?
Hajji said:
The problem with crashes has been resolved by removing corpses from the battle field.

Another problem I have encountered is that a lot of troops are immortal. Uruk/Orcs can't be damaged, nor can the order beasts. The only way to damage them is to ride over them with a horse (or auto resolve battles).

Obviously, this means it is very hard to wage war against Fantasy Magioucracy since it is impossible to take their cities. This seems to be a bug. If so, how do I resolve it?

Try checking their hitboxes in OpenBRF https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,72279.0.html
NPC99 said:
Try checking their hitboxes in OpenBRF https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,72279.0.html

Thanks! I downloaded it and looked around but I have not been able to understand how to see which skeleton a particular troop is using.

If we take Uruk-Hai Hero for instance, I can open it in Morgh's Editor. In there, I can see that troop uses "Skin 6" (which may or may not be relevant, idk), while the other unhittable troops use "Skin 14".

When I use OpenBRF I can not understand how the troop connect to a particular skeleton. That is problem 1. Problem 2 is that when I search the mod using Ctrl+F, select "Skeleton" in the drop down menu I can see a number of skeletons (16 I think) but only the skeleton skel_human in skeletons.brf has the "Has HitBoxes" box checked.

So either all troops use skel_human, in which case something other than hitboxes seem to be the problem, or other troops use other skeletons (which seems more likely, but what do I know) and the connection between the skeletons and hitboxes are something other than I have seen so far. Any thoughts?

If I seem inexperienced in this it is because I am... :smile:
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