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Palatine Guards & units

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What developer thought of killing this unit?
It's useless now.
You took in total from them 20 Body Armour and 10 Head Armour without any reasoning.
They're the worst Archers right now,yes even Sturgian Bowmen are better because more arrows.
What's the reason behind this killing of units?

Why when you changed item value you didn't think it through?
Sturgian Soldiers and Trained Infantrymen have 46 head armour.
Sturgian Soldiers are actually better than Spearmen and Varyag Veterans because they use Axes and not the ****ty 30 dmg swords.
Aserai V Infantry literally is a steroid Legionary and Darkhan for no reason.
The only troop that matches them are the Oathsworn,why are Oathsworn so good again?

It's like 1.6.0 you all got high and decided to ruin the game.
It's worse when I remember you made Recruits ****ing Peasants(actually worse,peasants have items though).
Or added those stupid looking portraits to the troops.

This change wasn't welcomed,needed or wanted.
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