Own Refuge (early game wages stabilization)

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Hello there!

Got an idea right from Viking Conquest mod, an own refuge.
You might ask, how would that help early game? Let me explain:

Early on (before taking first castle or right after capturing it, especially for own kingdom where money balance is essential) party wages can be extremely high and even own workshops may not be enough to cover it. Let's be honest ~15k for workshop is much early on and it might not profit as much to cover expenses, caravans are risky at that point.
Repeating tournamets is boring as hell (btw. they shouldn't be as common).

So let's say we can build own refuge (only further from villages, castles, towns); with companion garrisoned, troops wages would be cut to half (also troops might gain some xp depending on companion/refuge level).

Now, creating refuge might cost for example 5k denars, at level 1 it would have no defences just a few tents and place for 10 (up to discussion) soldiers; by level 2 (5k denars) - some wooden fences and place for 20 soldiers; and on level 3 (10k denars) - up to 30 soldiers, and wooden palisade and some small wooden houses.

So for 20k denars we have own level 3 base to hold up to 30 soldiers and companion, a nice early game reserve as we can stash top tier troops and keep collecting denars/troops without worrying that we losing loads of denars on party wages; refuge might also act as base for players who prefer some role-play as outlaws, to hold reserve troops and some gear from caravan raids.

*Additional idea is to let all types of bandits raid our refuge (that's why level 3 base would be best, as enemy ranged units would be unable to shoot units inside it), if garrison wins, bandits loot is stashed in refuge inventory for player to pick up later; if bandits win they might loot stash or capture refuge (player would have to retake it).

In my opinion this would extend early game by some additional but still optional steps, and make player situation stable before capturing or after losing first castle (dealing with ~100 soldiers wages after losing (escaping with troops) castle is painfull).

That's all, If anyone is crazy enough to read that text wall, feel free to comment what You think about it :wink:
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