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Yes, it's just one texture.  :smile:
Native which is used by most Native swords, their scabbards and several axes (plus items from several OSPs).
Plus specular and normalmap (don't forget that you need to add normalmap to the respective materials in your .brf file, because currently the materials don't use it; I also recommend giving the materials more reasonable RGB and coeff values - like 15/15/15, 15).

The texture was remade from scratch in 2k resolution.
Alas, I am no artist, so I used "raw" textures provided by k0nr@d + textures by Lucas (Lucas_the_Benevolent) and bogmir, fragments of textures from CWE OSP and GoT OSP. So all the credits for textures go to these artists, my part was only 6 hours of selecting, replacing, recoloring, copying, pasting, cutting, patching etc.

Here is the screenshot of the result:
Since the forum will shrink it, here it as as a link.
Screenshots of some items:



Download link:
In this archive you will find:
(1) textures;
(2) .xcf source file for GIMP with dozens of saved selections;
(3) weapons_2_meshes_compilation.brf - just a small temporary .brf file where I put all (or at least most) Native items that use to be able to easily track all changes I made while working on the textures. You can also use it to quickly&easily preview all the new looks of items. You don't need this for the actual game.

Edgar Allan Poe's in 2K

PART II (31.01.201:cool:
I wasn't quite satisfied with version 1, so here is version 2.

This time the texture has a different pattern so it's not compatible with, but I changed UVmaps of most Native weapons to work with it.
The main reason for the version 2 is blades of weapons. As you can see, the new texture has multiple steel fragments from light to dark, and blades of most sharp weapons now use 2 fragments - lighter for for the sharp edge(s), darker for the rest of the metallic part.

In the archive you will find 3 texture files (diffuse, normalmap, specular) and a .brf file.
The .brf file contains items from the following Native brf: weapon_meshes_c (full), weapon_meshes_d (full), weapon_meshes_e (full), weapons_e (full), weapons_f (except for arabian_spear_a_3m, although there is a copy of it mapped to the new texture), spear (full), deneme (samurai weapons and scabbards, I also made lods2 for them), weapon_meshes1 (a few items).
So overall it's most of weapons2 and weapons3 items.
I did 2K with weapons3, an easier texture schematic. If Leonion doesn't mind I can post a link here(I don't really want to make a new thread). Weapons1 is doable, but in 2k it requires a lot of planning, since there are bits that are way too small and not clear to understand what they are.
Best thing about those two(at least the way I use them), weapons2 and 3 are that they are used by many OSP packs. Igorbb's pack, the maces pack, even the older packs of Luigi can be used with them(with slight modifications to UV mapping. The models made by those authors are great, and look really good.
Incidentally, I have started doing about a week ago. I am done with the signs, wood, iron and the planks in the two places of the file, but the "organic material" is giving me trouble, mostly the fish and rest of the food. As for the sacks(with salt, spice etc.) I use and suggest to anyone the excellent models from Way to Expiation OSP. They are mostly 'eastern' spices and such, but the texture file is divided into four neat equal spaces, where anyone can just copypaste the material of his choice. And they look AMAZING. I have tried with rice, various spices, peas, fruit etc. All work great.

Still, when I finish it, I can upload the file, along with some other Native retextures of objects.
This is great news! Yes, please do commit your work when you're finished!

The amount of work the CWE team put into even the smallest of details is amazing. It's a bummer that they gave up, but that OSP truly is a gold mine for modders.
Yeah, those guys are magnificent. And to be honest, judjing mostly by the amount of their work(and quality) and their willingness to share, I don't know if they just "gave up". Myabe they had real life problems or something.  :ohdear:

I didn't follow that mod until they went OSP, so I wouldn't know. But you may be right. It's still fantastic that they left their work to the modding community.
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