Overburdened Companion and Mercenary parties.

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These parties move around the map at 1.0 speed and never attempt to sell their goods or buy horses. Giving them horses does nothing. The only thing that speeds up companions is disbanding them and restarting the party. When you add these parties to your army you become overburdened. When you disband a companion party they can take forever to start disbanding because they are moving at 1.0 speed to finish their tasks before disbanding.
Thanks. I'm able to play around it for now on bannerlord difficulty. I'm not really into installing game fixing mods, I usually only install game expanding mods. I think this issue affects almost everyone so it's not a huge problem, plus I noticed that some partyies are able to do it just fine, so it creates a kind of demographic of stupid and smart lords. I hope someone fixes or tweaks this though
Thank you, but how about melee cavalry fix? I had issues with melee cavalry as kind of useless, while melee cavalry are perfect work in 1.7.2, so any mod fix melee cavalry for 1.8? I don't know they would fix that or not any time soon.
The only "fix" I have is playing my first infantry focused campaign lol
You will have a bad time if you are not willing to use mods that just fixes bugs. It is not how TW works.
Yep. One of the actual great things TW has done is make the game modular, allowing for a combo of mods. At this point, just throw everything at it until it crashes, then figure out what's incompatible.

Game without mods isn't fun.
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