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over the top suggestion ( engine limits )

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Hello, i was thinking about a suggestion. this is alot to ask but maybe its possible. ill try to explain it as best as i can.

for example im having a battle with a enemy lord and some of his kingdom members are nearby. would it be possible to have a chance of them arriving to help the lord out? just like for the player itself where you can join a battle from a friendly lord.

this would be great for siege attacking / defending aswell.

for example im sieging a castle. we fight and try to capture the castle but suddenly a relieve force comes in from behind :eek:

my best way to ''explain'' it is like. the game continues to keep going while in battles.


The best way I think is to have phased/waved battles. When the first few waves are resolved, paus leave combat, let both sides regroup. Depending on tactical skill, some times passes by, allowing other parties to join in.
Definitely down for any idea that makes the game more balanced. I feel that the player being able to stop the whole world by joining a battle and preventing enemy reinforcements from joining helps his kingdom too much
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