OSP Kit Campaign Outposts! v0.8 - updated 15.07.11

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This kit allows you to make a couple of outposts on the map, upgrade them, expand them into a fort, recruit and upgrade patrols, etc.
Yes, it is Warband compatible.

The fort disapparition bug has been fixed.


You need one built and one upgraded outpost for the "Build a Fort" option to appear.
You can now play it as a stand-alone mod.

WARNING: To implement this, you need the ModuleSystem. To obtain it and get basic set-up info about it, click here. Also read this if you want newer info with more backdrop.

Download the files and read the readme file. It contains all the info you need.

EDIT: If you're going to use this, use it freely, but PM me, so I know who uses it. I'm curious.
EDIT 2: And give credit. Please! :grin:

I hope you enjoy this. Good luck with modding or playing (or both).

  • cdvader - Watchtower script and some help
  • Caba`drin - Gave me his modified code
  • bobirov - Developing the Fort Kit
  • Dawg of War - Making the Outpost map icon
  • L00ter - Making the Fort map icon
  • Nordous - Making the amazing new scenes


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thanks for this, lumos.  i was working on this when i had a stroke and have not been able to get back to it.  i thought i was slow before...



Excellent job. Glad to see somebody made something important out of my scrap code.

Keep up the good work,


Hey this sounds nice, first can i use it?
if so thank you very much this sounds awesome :grin:

secondly, is it possible that you can like step by step tell me how i can implement it, im not that good at modding or what ever this is, so i would apreciate any help i could get so i can use this.

Anyways thank you very much :smile:


Very interesting, but I'm just wondering, is there any way to make the other factions/lords use outposts aswell? That would be even neater, I think.


awsome but i have a question will the outposts have
a scene ? (so you can take a walk around?)
or is it just like cdvader which its only a troop ?
Thanks and awsome stuff man!
__ and if it does can it be customised like in custom settlementS?
If so how would we save it?


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Jenove said:
awsome but i have a question will the outposts have
a scene ? (so you can take a walk around?)
or is it just like cdvader which its only a troop ?

Yes..well the revised version by Lumos has scenes...but you have to make them via in game scene editor


Thanks for the replies. I added the planned features list, but don't expect me to make them. I'm busy with real life AND my mod, so this is going to stay like this until I have the time to work on it.


Hey i found out how to mod it

im just not sure how i add the module_scripts.py first part i got the second part in if any1 could help thank you


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I will probably add this to HYW. It, together with the Recruiters script hanging around will go well with it I think.


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Maybe you could team up with Tempered and his Camp Entrenchment mod? They are quite similar, and are both awesome and needed!


I've been lurking around the forums since a few months before M&B's official release or so.  Just recently in the last month I started messing around with some modding of my own, having some various coding/modelling experience and all.  At first I just started doing the usual cut/paste of a few small tweaks that I really wanted in native.  While doing so figuring out the workings of the module system and making note of some more ambitious changes that I would like to implement.  One of those changes I made note of happened to be cdvader's outpost code. 

So I've been messing with it for a bit over a week now, mostly just building the scene really and then playing with entrypoints and the cosmetic aspects of the scene.  Rather than just an oupost or watchtower I went with more the true "fort" concept.

Like you, I set the fort as a new type (spt_fort in my case).  I've also made a whole new mission template for the visitation so I could pretty much do whatever I wanted to with the scene.  This of course breaks things like AI's knowing how to handle it but it also allows me to do whatever the hell I want with it without fighting all the default castle behavior.  I keep thinking I might just go back to treating it as a castle and just hijacking the mission template when visiting to do what I want in the scene itself as that would allow the AI to recognize it without me having to do anything (I think).  I'm not sure yet.

As for the scene itself, I have it setup to pick the best melee and ranged troops garrisoned and then it fills the guard slots with troops with the appropriate items.  I also set it up that if you have any cavalry garrisoned that a little mounted patrol will circle the fort scene (that took me a couple days to make work right and was more painful than it should have been).  Some of the infantry guards patrol the walkways on the walls.  Also if you look in the middle I set up some doors so you can get inside the little tower in the middle where I moved the inventory to.

I've really spent way too much time on little cosmetic things just because I've been having fun with it.  I do need to get back to coding real functionality to it.  I had planned to make it siegable as well as possibly having little random bandit attacks that can occur while you're in the scene just to have some incentive to visit the scene.

I plan on releasing my version of this at some point as well but I need to finish it up and also separate the code from the other changes I've made in my little mini-mod.  When I release it, anyone can use the scene if they don't want to build their own.
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