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All right the purpose of this is to inform you how to use the unofficial editor to do things :smile:


A. Tabs
Now, with the unnoficial editor you can see most parts of the moudule, you can change what you are looking at by going to the top, selecting view, and choosing what you want to edit.

1. Module Info.
Here you can see a 2D version of your modules map, on the side are alot of things which tell your module what to do, Also there is a link to Thorgrim's map editor.

2. Conversations
This part allows you to edit conversations, you can make people say stuff here. Nuff said

3. Factions
This part defines the factions, and thier relations to one another.

4. Items
Here is where you can edit items, the interface here is a little complicated so I'll get into it later.

5. Map Icons
This defines the different map Icons, I will not teach you how to mess with this as I do not know myself.

6. Menu
Here you can change what the different menus say. You can edit
the options you get at the begging of the game.

7. Mission Templates
This is where things like how to get into battles, and how to enter towns is defined. You can also edit the Arena here.

8. Parties
Here is where the information for the towns, spawn points, and troops in cities.

9. Party Templates
This is where all the parties you see in the game are stored. You can edit what troops they get, and how many.

10. Quests
Here you can add new quests, although what they actually do isn't defined here, just what appears on the quest menu ingame.

11. Scenes
Anywhere you can walk around is defined here. You can edit passages, chests, and terrain code here.

12. Scripts
Scripts are groups of operations that are callable from other operation blocks (triggers, conversations, menus, mission templates, etc) using the call_script operation. -Thanks Effidian

13. Strings
I also don't hav much expirience with this, but the tutorial boxes are stored here, and different things that pop up are stored here.

14. Triggers
This is the most complicated one. It defines everything from where parties spawn to what quests entail.

15. Troops
This is also very complicated an I will go into detail later. You can add new troops here, change thier equiptment and stats, even thier face.

B. Top bar

1. Module
a. New- creates a blank module, recommended only for expierenced users.
b. Open- simple, opens a module to edit.
c. Save-save your progress on the opened module
d. Save as- save your module where you want to.
e. Merge- this is greyed out and does nothing at the moment.
f. Exit- exits the unofficial editor.

2. Edit
a. Copy- Simple, copy the selected thing
b. Add- Add a new thing
c. Add Copy- add a copied thing
d. Insert- Add something right above what you are selecting. used alot in conversations editing.
e. Delete- Delete selected thing (WARNING- try not to use this much as it is very buggy)
f. Rename- Renames selected object, only works with certain tabs
g. Find- finds what you put in.
h. Find Next- finds the next thing that was a result of Find.
i. Filter- filters what you put in
j. Clear Filter- removes the filter you did.
k. Sort- orders the tab.
l. Clear Sort- undos the search
m. Move Up- moves the selected thing up one, can only use on certain tabs.
n. Move Down- Same as Move Up, only Down.

3. View

Lets you choose which Tab to look at, pretty simple.

II. In depth


Side Menu-The Menu on the side shows you every item in the game, select them to edit thier stats.

Name- This is located right under the word Properties. tis is what your objects name will be in game.

Type- This tells the game what proficiency that it will associate with your Item. Set it to what kind of object you want.

Base Cost- This tells the game the base cost of the object, that is before adding stuff like modifiers.

Weight-determines the objects ingame weight

Head Armor- Tells the game how much armour to your head the item gives yo. leave this at zero unless you are making a helmet.

Leg Armor- tells the game how much leg protection the item gives. Leave at blank unless making boots or armor that also protects legs.

Body Armor- Tells the game how much body protection the Item gives. Leave at zero unless making armor.

Durability-Not sure what this does at the moment, But if your making a melee weapon just set it around 25,000, as it crashes if you dont.

Requirement- varies depending on what your making, for melee weapons, armors, and crossbows it says how much strength is required to be able to use it. with bows and thrown weapons its power draw and power throw respectivly.

Swing Damage- how much the base swing damage is. leave empty if making armor, bows, or a thrusting weapon.

Swing Type
- what kind of damage a swing does.

Thrust Damage- same as Swing damage only applies to thrusting

Thrust Type- what kind of damage a thrust deals.

Speed- varies, in bows and crossbows its reload time. On weapons its attacking speed, on shields its lift speed, does not apply to armor.

Reach- don't edit unless your using a new weapon mesh. how it works is unknown. If your using a vannila mesh just make the reach the same as the other thing that uses it.

Velocity- Only applies to ranged weapons, it controls the speed of the projectile. If its set too high the arrow hit might not register.

Abundance- the ammount it appears in shops, the higher it is the more it will show up.

Attach to- not sure what this does, If someone does know, tell me. My advice is don't mess with it.

Throw type- Only applies to thrown weapons, it determines the animation of the chosen type. Axe makes it throw like the throwing axe, spear makes it throw like the javilin, etc.


Dificulty ratings-
:grin: easy
:smile: fairly easy
:eek: mediorce
:???: moderatly hard
:mad: difficult
:twisted: Very difficult, I probably can't do it

Adding A New Item :grin:

Step 1- open the module you want to edit, and go to the items tab.

Step 2- Now find an Item simmilar to what you want to make, select it on the side menu

Step 3- go up to the edit button at the top menu and select copy

Step 4- now press Add Copied, Name it whatever you want.

Step 5- edit whatever you want to make your object!

Making a Party spawn where you want :???:

Step 1- create party template, ad troops, get it the way you want.

Step 2- go to trigger number 25, copy it and paste it.

step 3- Edit the party/party templates in the trigger to the ones you want.


Wow, thanks roborob!

Scripts are groups of operations that are callable from other operation blocks (triggers, conversations, menus, mission templates, etc) using the call_script operation.

Strings are well, strings... They can be loaded into registers and passed around in various operations.


it's a little buggy, so it could destroy a new modders hope at getting good.


really every once in a while it will mess it up, but I might be thinking of the last version :???:


erm, effidan i dont know if this is a known issue, but on the ''troops'' window, the - item from inventory button is off the window, is it possible to make the editor full-screenable or extendable?


Harlequin_ said:
erm, effidan i dont know if this is a known issue, but on the ''troops'' window, the - item from inventory button is off the window, is it possible to make the editor full-screenable or extendable?

Are you using large fonts? I haven't tested with large fonts so there could be some problems with that.


The Mouth of Sauron said:
ROFL, thanks. What I meant to say was, if I make something "unique" will there just be one of its kind in the entire game?

Yes, I believe that is what it means.


is it possible to just edit one file with the editor? let's say if I want to edit a conversation file or item file and loading the whole module doesn't work.
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