OSP Musket Era 3D Art Ottoman Civilian Clothes (now with 30% more waistcoats!)

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A set of psuedo-ottoman/balkan civilian clothes I've been working on for my mod, but since so many mods choose to avoid straying from native assets for town and village walkers, I decided I'd release them.

There are several waistcoats and a few veiled dresses. Nothing strictly historically accurate, but a little flavour for village scenes and towns.

Ottoman Clothing



Several More Waistcoats


(These will require that you give invisible boots to agents wearing them)

Bandit Dresses


(based off this:smile:
Awesome, these will come in very handy, quick question does the skin change colour for different troops or is it set? The clothing looks lovely, more civillian diversity is what warband needs.
Colour's set. But if you want i can release the PSD files so it's easier to make edits.
Thought you meant the clothing diffuse -- but yeah, the skin colour's set to "skin", which is by default pale pink. But you can quite easily get whichever "face" colour you want by checking the hex code in module_skins.py, and applying that as a vertex colour.


Amazing! I could use them in a long-term project I have in mind, about Europe in the early 19th century. :smile:
Thank you, Jacob!

Awesome, it's unfortunate there isn't an easy way to add skin support like a skin flag in BRF. I will still definitely use these clothes though.
Oh, those are some nice looking clothes. Why not putting them on p3d.in? I am sure they will look much better in previews.
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